WTF is up with Heliphage Medals/Scores?

74k score with 4 people and 2 respawns = Silver
92k score with 2 people and no respawns = bronze

I understand less players would mean less enemies so lower score so harder to get good medals, but my score just proved it wasn’t the medals. And it’s not the challenges or deaths since I did better with me and a friend rather than with pugs. So…how the hell does it get calculated?

I forget which map it was but I believe the run was me and my friends and scored 110k and got a silver. I was so awe struck

I would love clarification on the medal system too.

It seems obvious that reaching a score breakpoint is what would give you better medals, but I’m not so sure. It seems so arbitrary.

For the life of me I can’t get Silver on “The Experiment”. I play ISIC and just absolutely crush at wave defense… no deaths, grab all the loot chests. Can’t imagine what I’m doing wrong.

I have determined a couple things which boost score:

  • Killing enemies
  • Blue orb pickups
  • Enemies killed by buildables

The things which definitely do not boost score are:

  • Damage dealt
  • Every other type of orb/pickup

I’m not sure about time, deaths, assists. These things are all hard to evaluate unless you isolate them by doing experiments where all other variables are the same.

Gearbox must know how these things are calculated. Really wish they would just speak up about it and clarify.

You haven’t noticed there are yellow “bonus score” balls that disappear in 2-3 seconds. They drop from big chests and after certain boss phases.

The yellow balls that drop from the boss are really the only way for gold or even silver most times. Heliphage isnt to bad when you’ve got several bosses in the map that drop them

Yes, those too. I guess I was only considering the ones that affect “score” and not “bonus score”, which is added at end of match.

I do know the yellow ones exist, but if I can see a “Score” number and a “Bonus Score” number, those are factored into that I would assume. Therefore back to the original point, how do I get a silver with a smaller number?

It has been established that time and critical done relate to the mission’s medal (dev statement,can’t remember the thread)
Dying however,doesn’t. Being revived or respawning via extra lives doesn’t matter on the score/medal.

I have a gold medal with a score of 200k on heliophage advanced, but ■■■■ knows why.

Critical damage done? Oh god, what a terrible idea that was. Going to try Marquis or something and just Crit everything now to see if that helps at all.

That would be a good thing.

It would be nice if we had the score required for Gold on each map and how player numbers effect this.

That’s obvious for now that killing everything and picking up everything often isn’t even enough for silver. Thus, though that scoring still isn’t very clear, I doubt you can pump up “normal” score significantly to get better medals.

At the same time focusing on picking up bonus scores affects medals drastically.

Crits, time, etc. - none of these proved to be effective enough (or effective itself) to get difficult medals. I’ve seen a screenshot of Alani with 140k score on Void’s Edge, solo, 80 minutes… So - bonus score is the key.