WTF is with Katagawa Jr.? No Sandhawk in 20+ kills

I don’t know how anyone farms this guy. I get constant graphical glitches on the Xbox One X and can’t see anything half the time. It’s a complete mess. He just glitches all over the place where you can’t even shoot him. Just a major PITA. Then when you finally kill him, he doesn’t drop anything. Guess I won’t be farming for that Sandhawk after all.

He’s a major PITA. Sometimes you can insta-kill him and other times the fight drags on forever. After all that…no Sandhawk. About 80 kills for me and nada. Just about done with this game until all DLC and updates are done and not have to go through the pain of farming all this gear every couple months.


Yea, it’s terrible. I already quit on him. I don’t need the Sandhawk that bad. The graphical glitches that I was getting was making it so that I couldn’t even see half the time. It was really messed up.

I killed him for hours insta killing and ties that bind rocketlaunchering with my wife

We got a total of 3. Over a hundred kills. Pre patch tho but the patch does not fix dedicated drops so its the same since mayhem 2.0 release.

I stopped faeming katagawa because i think the sandhawk is trash without a perfect anoint for ur character etc. It uses too much ammo…for.mediocre.damage at m10 we got xorrosive n electric ones… So lol!

How do you insta kill him with TTB? TTB never seems to grab him. I kept trying to kill him when he first appeared with the Yellowcake but it never worked.

For the one shot I think you need a 2x cake with strong annoints. I can’t do it and the fight is a huge PiTA and I don’t think I could be bothered without the Kaosan to get him - the stickies are a god send. It is awful the Hawk is behind this boss. That said, I have gotten 5 Sandhawk drops from him which is good because otherwise his drops have been utterly useless class mods, shields and grenades.

I don’t have an x2 cake but I have a 40k dmg one with ASA 200% anoint. It wipes out his shield but that’s it. Then I use a Monarch and/or Kaoson on him but he just jumps around too much.

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me and my wife look for which one is him. Then you find a clone near him grasp him or clone as long as theyre linked. Rocket launcher/yellowcake the clone thats linked. Damage will bleed through and kill him instantly. Works extra well if mutliple clones are there but one clone nuked seems enough to kill him.

If hes ina tower just let clones chase you and link him as long as hes linked to a clone. Nuke the clones. I suggest a com with aoe damage splash damage and artifact too. Im.the launcher shes the linker.

Im shure u know how to find em.

This is how we do it.

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If ur amara shoot your yellow cake as he jumps. As you land and then ult him he will link to his clones and he’ll die for the fall. Cuz splash. Theyre actually there in the beginning with him… In him or some ■■■■.

If u wanna know what im talking about keep graspinf him as yih drop down ull eventually see lines connecting him to ?? Those are his clones. Invisible mechanics at work.

I had a regular 40k yellowcake when we did that no 2x version like we have now.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a try when I feel like messing with him again.

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Stupid Zero tech!

Boom! Woodblockers and Storms which dont work.

Yeah my 40k w SNTL Cryo takes out the shield plus about 1/4 of his health on my best shots.

I have farmed him and still don’t really understand how to fight him. For example, after nuking him on entry he does the teleport around with no shield. I can hose him down with the 4600x2 100% SNTL Cryo Kaosan during that phase and do basically no damage. If instead I shootouts the real Katagawa and set it up so he has very little shield before unloading the Kaosan into him I will rip down about 1/4 of his health.

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use moze , ammo solved .

The Storm is particularly annoying that it doesn’t work as it is actually useful farming this SOB.

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My wife wont play anymore cuz nothing dedicsted ever drops. So yeah i aint getting a good version because az zane unless u gonna perfect fall splash itsa pain. Im about to try it because i miss the fall insta kills. Having playing dirty up really helps.

I just got one on my first try since loot the universe moved to eden 6. Offline and cartel event turned off. Gonna try again online

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I have tried one shotting him with the cake at the start as well. I could wipe out his shield and about 75% of his health but then he gets away and spawns all his clones which are annoying.

If you can’t one shot him I found that the OPQ works really well on him. I never can tell which is the clone so I just kill them all. The OPQ kills them fairly quick but it’s still a huge PITA with all the jumping around.

All that being said I couldn’t really stick with doing that fight too many times. It’s just not a particularly fun experience and I never did see a Sandhawk even once so I lost interest quick. I got a nice x2 cake upgrade today so I might try again soon to see if I can one shot him with that.


Farming him is brutal


The only problem I had is that many time it seams glitched. It starts jumping around like a goat on lsd and is immune until shield is fully charged. Mainly happens with Amara that gives a long lasting dot. This needs to be removed, the fully recharging shield before next phase. Either remove it or simply by-pass it but 10-15 s just see him teleporting around shouting like schizophrenic it’s not fun.

He is not the only one. Genoviv is going The same thing. Both Calypso too. Once immunity phase behavior it’s started you just watch or kill some little foes if any. Bad mechanic triggers design.

Most of the time, immune phases don’t makes the fight harder just weird. Like Rampager jumping around forever only to touchdown and insta kill or phase kill… Boring …,

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I was using Amara and yea, I was seeing that a lot.