WTF is with Sylestro? He's not dropping anything

I’m farming him for a Spiritual Driver and I know from past experiences that he’s not an easy farm but WTF?!?!?!?!? I’ve killed him over 30 times and he hasn’t dropped a single Driver. I even have the Butt Stallion Milk that’s supposed to give me better drops and still I’ve gotten nothing. He’s only dropped 2 legendaries the whole time.

GB needs to fix this because they’ve made it absolutely painful to get this com.

I’ve now killed him over 60 times with still no Driver. The only thing that he’ll drop is the crappy Pestilence. This is ridiculous.

Well, it took 70+ kills but he FINALLY dropped one. Thankfully it was at least decent with Weapon Damage. That was painful. :weary:

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you got one with weapon damage first try? fk me

i have legit farmed that thing for at least 24 hours straight combined time and never seen even one with neutral weapon damage. I was starting to doubt it even exists.

I got plenty of Vladof reload speed tho.

The drop chance on that thing is in the low single digits for sure.

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The thing is that now you have a driver you can farm him in about 30 seconds, just run full pelt from the spawn point and one-shot them both with a recursion :slight_smile:

I did this when my first one was an absolute dog and managed to get about 20 of them in the following hour, including one with +5 Mindfulness (■■■■■■ stats though). After all the effort I decided I didn’t actually like the Driver playstyle and switched back to a Phasezerker.

yea no immah call ■■■■■■■■ on that
never seen anything above +3 mindfulness

the spread even on other comms is never better than 4+1 from what ive seen

That sucks man. They really need to increase the drop % on this thing.

I don’t really like the driver either (tried it before) but the game constantly crashes when I use Phasezerker so I can’t use it now.

I’ve seen 1 +5 com out of all the coms I’ve run across. It exists just REALLY rare.

If you saw a +5 Mindfulness Spiritual Driver COM, it’s a modded one. Mindfulness has a 3 skill point spend limit so legit ones cap at +3.

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Must be one I got from someone on Twitch then, I was sure it was a drop. Don’t use it anyway as I hate the Sonic the Hedgehog movement speed.