Wtf is wrong with the Gearbox writers for this game. Maya and Krieg related

Its like they don’t understand ■■■■ about their fan base and their characters and how people feel about them.

That would explain why they so colossally wasted Maya in this game, as well as them pretty much glossing over Maya and Krieg in the latest DLC.

What a waste.


And y does tyreen Always say “Bitchessss!” All the time my goodness Couldnt think of anything better for her to say? I always felt like there was a feminist favored thing goin on in the story



Not only is the story feminist favored, it’s full of leftist ideology and elitist propaganda.

There is also some sick and twisted dialog in the game that is hidden under the quise of humor. There is a line when Tyreen says “they always taste better when they’re scared”. This is a reference to cannabilism and adrenachrome consumption.


Gasp! Diabolical!!

…um, maybe it’s because she’s a villain, so they gave her some twisted things to say? You know, the way all cartoon villains say things that are meant to make you hate them?

By the way, it’s not a “reference” to cannibalism. It’s ■■■■■■’ cannibalism, plain and simple. She literally ate the dude as we listened. Seriously, next you’ll say that when the cookie monster stuffs cookies into his mouth it’s a secret, covert subliminal leftist reference to cookies! Read between the lines! I think they’re underhandedly referring to cookies!! No it’s not - it’s a character who loves cookies saying he loves cookies then eating cookies. :roll_eyes:


Childish? Maybe, but it’s true. In writing you don’t want any wasted lines of any character, so obviously Tyreen is meant to strengthen her image as the opposing force and as evil character. If you find comparisons to that childish you might read the definition of that word once more for clear reference.
And trust me, this is not defending the shitshow that is this games writing, it’s just that there is also a lot of adequate writing in there, in most cases it just doesn’t end up making for a good result, for one reason or another.


I think people were hoping for beauty and the beast, and what they got was T. K. Baha in the Cl4ptastic Voyage.

No one gets a happy ending in Borderlands games. And honestly, the idea that the biggest tragedy in Krieg’s life would be losing Maya, and not losing the life he had before he became a Psycho and the trauma of that experience is an interesting take.

Sometimes the story an audience wants is one that’s been told too many times. I think the Krieg story people want was already done excellently with TTAODK and the Burton Briggs side missions in Love Guns & Tentacles.

With the exception of one narrative thread in the DLC, it could have been used in BL2 or TPS with minor changes. It’s focus is squarely on Krieg’s psychosis.

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Agreed but the childish assertion was simply based on the assumption of what I would say next … it was laughable considering that poster obviously knows nothing about me.

It’s basic reading comprehension.

T.K. Baha worked because it was a small quest, he was not the main content of the DLC, the main content was Claptrap story, that worked great as well, do you know why? Because of “connection”.

Krieg in this dlc shows almost no emotions, he has no outburst, no breakdown, he just accepts what it is, that way we don’t connect with him. I didn’t feel bad for him losing Maya, because he didn’t feel bad about it too, he just accepted her death.
I didn’t feel sorry for the experiments they made to him, because he didn’t care that much about it either.
Even the end of the DLC shows how “cool with stuff” he is, he just accepts the psycho, he ALWAYS just accepts.

In claptastic and tiny tina, the characters have a breakdown (in claptastic the character has even a bad ending, being betrayed after all the good he did), we feel their pain.


They fired / or retired the competent staff and writers; so their masters 2k can give the ceo another few million.

NOTHING about this game conjures up feelings of competency or care.

To be fair, Sane Krieg does say he doesn’t remember doing those things, that he would just lay down an wait for it to end or for someone to rescue him. Psycho Krieg is a manifestation of dissociative identity disorder, which comes with memory gaps. Sane Krieg only cares about the things he can remember, and he can’t remember much throughout the DLC. So it’s in character to accept things for him. He’s had to accept Psycho Krieg far as long as we’ve heard that inner voice in the character. All he knows is being suppressed. He does try and take his own life in the DLC, which characterizes his feelings of resignation to the utmost.

Psycho Krieg on the other hand, is pretty emotional throughout, and it struck me how they played his psyche as naive and infantile like the Hulk is portrayed. That persona matures the longer it is in control and dialogues with Sane Krieg and as they go further into memories the two personalities start to converge, as Sane Krieg gets more emotional, and Psycho Krieg gets more poetic and comprehensible. I thought that was a nice touch.


Yeah I get your view, I thought about it being in character as well, but then I would argue that it was a bad writer’s choice to use him as the main character for this kind of dlc, because of the issue to the major public to connect with him, and I didn’t want to bring this topic because people like Krieg.

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Every game has people with anti-agenda agenda lol
And it is cringe as hell, I think they are delusional.



Ive never played Destiny in my life … never plan to either.

I try to avoid politics and religion discussions if at all possible. I wasn’t trying to politicize anything … just stated an observation.

I found it a nice touch that, in the end, it became apparent that psycho Krieg tried to protect Krieg all along. Just like it usually is with multiple personalities. It was nice, seeing the two fuse in the end. It would have been cool to see…


we do all this, but is Krieg now more sane? In balance? Do both personalities now work together? Can sane Krieg now sometimes get in the front?

Kinda wish we experienced Mayas death being expressed to Krieg instead of him already knowing and pretty much being at peice with it.

You haven’t played many video games I take it if you really believe this. There are two certainties in life; death, and political discussions (arguments more often than not) where they have no right to be

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Expectations too high? Playing through BL2 gain, so much set up in the death of Roland/Bloodwing, one of which is an epic boss fight the first time you do it. Not only that, Tiny Tina did a perfect fan favor in their send offs on her DLC.

(funny how BL2 still and will remain the gold standard for BL series)

Kinda wished that they did a cutseen from the past with sane Krieg being brought to the facility and being pumped with eridium like from Batman when Bane gets experimented on,yes we know what happened in the end but it would have given context to the inhumane behavior of the corporations,I also think that thet could have made Maya a more pivotal reason of holding his psyche from fracturing completely

Yeah, it was pretty stupid that he just knew already and had no feelings about it basically.