Wtf is wrong with the Gearbox writers for this game. Maya and Krieg related

Kinda wished that they did a cutseen from the past with sane Krieg being brought to the facility and being pumped with eridium like from Batman when Bane gets experimented on,yes we know what happened in the end but it would have given context to the inhumane behavior of the corporations,I also think that thet could have made Maya a more pivotal reason of holding his psyche from fracturing completely

Yeah, it was pretty stupid that he just knew already and had no feelings about it basically.

Wow, who knew that creators of a character would have control on characters they created :roll_eyes:

It seems like you are complaining about a DLC campaign about Krieg because it focused on Krieg. Like bruh, it’s in the title. You focus on Krieg. Maya is a part of his life, deal with it.

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I agree completely on the story arc, so much wasted potential.
My question is did they just run out of ideas?
The DLC was kind of short, compared to the other three. I’m not a good player and the others took me some time to get through. Fuster had three areas that were all relatively small. If I can bang it out in a couple days of very casual play, that’s weak.
But some on the missions? Come on …
Spoilers here …
Ring a Bell? really …
Bury BuzzAx? Oooo, it started to run and I had to smack it.
Get the Harpoon from over there?
I’m not a fan of run over there and get something and bring it back, but at least that forces some exploration of the map. It got you to go to somewhere new. You should at least lose sight of the NPC that gives you the mission.
I have loved the series, but this DLC is the pits.
Looking forward to the new skill trees, but it sounds like it will cost more. It better be much more than this last DLC. (I really liked the others quite a bit.)

The answer to that question was answered before the first full trailer came out:

Is a teaser trailer thumbnail really enough resolve for you?


I don’t care about the Borderlands story anymore. So many mistakes were made, so many liberties given that destroyed the previous work by Neumann and Burch, and with the 4th DLCs these new writers made sure that they aren’t fixing anything.


Seems like gearbox used a bunch of interns to make this game.

Honestly, other than expanded skill trees and a few mechanics being improved (FFYL movement and no spinning) I thought BL1 was better


I think there are enough threads on this topic already. And since this seems to veering off-topic anyway, it’s closed.