WTF?! No Points, No medals

I started to play Battleborn with a friend yesterday. He is a little bit angry, because he won’t get medals if someone leave the Storymission. I didn’t trust and because i thought that would a bug or something like that.
I played a normal Story with him today and in the last seconds(before we finished it) one left and and didn’t get any points. We had a score like this -11000 and no medals for him. He need the tokens/medal to complete some Battlebornquests,achivements and for exp.

What is that for a strange Bug?

For real?

Yeah, it’s a bug unfortunately. Pretty common too. Should be discussed as being in the upcoming patch in the Thursday stream


Supposedly, what happened was that they tried to fix how NPCs contributed to score (which made it hard or impossible to get silver and gold on some missions) by removing their ability to score for the team… however, the game apparently can’t distinguish CPU players from human players. Thus, the bug.

99 bugs on the wall, 99 bugs on the wall! Take one down, patch it around, 136 bugs on the wall!

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