WTF? They're getting rid of his slow cannon?

They already did such a hatchet job on poor Isic, making his wards useless and his health very un-tanklike. The only way he could kill anything was with his slow cannon, and now he is losing that?

ISIC’s Rotating Wards are far from useless, and he has incredible survivability. Any more health would be problematic.

This is far from true. It was an excellent mutation and a great utility, but ISIC has a lot if power in his kit without it. Anyway, he’s a tank/disruptor not an assassin, getting kills is not his primary job. He has splash damage that should be used for wave clear, but he’s a backline annoyer not a slayer.


I find that most of the time, his wards are shot down almost instantly. I don’t think that they hinder Thorn at all, even when I get to double their strength. Marquis seems to have little trouble with them, too. I take his increased shields, add a battery and a vest, pop up his wards, and then die before I can even turn around. That doesn’t sound like a tank. Add Montana with his ice bullets and poor Isic is a scrapheap. Without his slow cannon, he is a free lunch for pretty much any melee fighter, too. And what does he have left to disrupt with?


Don’t worry follow ISIC enthusiast he’s also getting…

  • A massive nerf to his Ultimate, it now only has a 40 second duration.
  • A massive semi-nerf to his wards again. They now only block 56 damage each un-overcharged.
  • And from the game play it seems his left tier 4 helix stun is getting reduced to only a 1 or 0.5 second duration.

And that’s just what I’ve gathered from the live stream. Don’t worry hell will rain when this goes live, but afterward I don’t think I’ll have the heart to even try any more.

If anything he needed a buff to his plasma dash…its a low damage move they want you to get 250 minion kills with

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ISIC its fine. The only thing i dont like it, its his shield, the bullets return directly to the shooter -_- must be as the bosses in PvE (ramdom direction or something like that).

The slow on Charged shot was way tooo strong… no character should have a perma slow and there are 3 atm (Reyna, ISIC and Boots of Brutes)
He actually deals too much damage for a tank

BTW now it’ll be a perma wound… still powerfull (maybe more)

I agree on the strength of the rotating wards since they get destroyed so quickly making the level 1 left helix pointless in most situations.

The slow was too strong as it was but a reduction in the duration and a cooldown to prevent it being re applied consistently was all that was needed. Switching slow for wound is another heavy nerf to ISIC that barely fits his play style as a disrupter whilst Galilea remains at Large haha

Didn’t notice the reduction in stun on the dash though so that’s 2 big nerfs in one. Sure it is an escape primarily but with the stun you could punish assassins as they flanked with the help of your team.

The ultimate changes are fine since it is only used to burst squishy characters anyway or in PvE haha.


Actually the wound makes him more disrupty, not less. Because he’s disrupting healing and all that. Preventing organized team play.

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His ult still has the slow.

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yup you right !! And still get stun, infinite shots and can be charge (no problem with this…by the way nice damage.) then why blight’s thorn problem? Dont tell me… cc him and kill him (its the answer for all on this game).

What about Alani with her constant slow wave? I can’t even reach her with a melee person! She is ridiculous!

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The slow is too punishing considering how accurate the charged shot is it gets brutal.
The ult slow is evil.

See I felt that the slow would disrupt an offensive play, stop a healer getting within range of their team mate, not to mention it slows their attacks as well.

Wound on the other hand (and a 1 second wound at that if what they suggested in the stream is true) will disrupt a burst heal from reyna or Alani and that is it.

I would take a one second slow any day over a one second wound since it is far more versatile.

Actually it will be 4 seconds, as it’s part of his passive, and passive are considered skills, and skills get 4 second wounds.

Hmm a four second slow would still have more of a disruptive effect than a four second wound to stop burst heals with people more likely to instantly retreat as people do with a priority target. Slow prevents that and disrupts multiple classes and actions and a shorter duration slow would be preferable to changing it entirely (GBX again being heavy handed with the changes here). Here’s hoping they change their mind for the wound and place a 1 second slow to at least trial it.

Don’t ge me wrong I open to the idea of changing it however, at face value I believe a wound will have a lesser effect for his role as a disruptor. But I will still try it to make sure haha I’m already 100 matches strong with ISIC but I’m happy to play a few more to confirm that the wound is inferior for his role.

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The only reason ISIC has a perma-Ult is because he’s extremely large and vulnerable, moves like a slug, and can’t react to a changing situation while in it except to cancel it.

I hardly ever use his ultimate because I die every time I do so.

I actually thought gearbox had a pretty good thought process with isic. I mastered him second after thorn, and that was when I was still learning versus as I played ALOT of story (level 100 with no versus) and I thought isic was far too strong. I average about 10 kd on any ranged character and 5-7 depending on the melee character I’m playing, but on isic, I consistently went 20+ kills and either zero deaths or fewer than 3 in any game. The Nerfs might bring him down a bit too much, but only time will tell.

Edit: and this was without taking the slow cannon shots on him everyone seems to think are the only thing that made him good. He’s incredible even without that helix choice. I took it once and didn’t care much for it and never took it again, so them taking it away doesn’t affect how I’d play him, just the stun and ward nerf are a bit annoying.