WTF with my game?

Hi all! WTF with my game? :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
WTF with textures and lighting? I think my videocard is broken, but I launch COH 2 test and in coh 2 everything was ok. And main menu like boiled porridge. And on top of screen for some reason appeared timer. The files of the game are not edited. I checked the integrity of the cache -all ok.`

WoW. Weird glitch, never seen anything like that before. The timer is a new entry from a recent patch, the rest is really messed up in those screens, have you tried to change any setting?

No. I set ultra settings and the game have 60 fps. And everything was fine until today I did launch the game and saw this.

Turn off MSI Afterburner or any similar video overlays?

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But I don’t install overclockers tools. :wink:

I fix this issue. This game conflicts with Bandicam.

Fck. This game glitching again. Gearbox fix this sht.

Make sure there are no other programs running when you lunch the game.

Try to lower the graphics gradually and in specific ways; you may find a certain effect or detail that the video card doesn’t like, which could be causing the problem.

Please report your findings here so that the game developers may improve the game, and to help other people who find they have a similar problem.

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Got the same exact problem as you. Other game’s do not have this issue. Did try and fiddle with the settings. but nothing seems to work. Did send a ticket ( about 10 min ago ) and will see what gearbox says. X.x is it just a visual bug or is something els going on. Or did some1 find a fix already?

Disable Raptr.

Yeah, Raptr is bad news. Games that attempt to do β€˜overlay’ effects try to hook into the hardware buffers the game is using - but HW is using GL with some unusual buffer configs (for speed and effect) - and overlay programs don’t understand them; this often results in busted effects, screen glitches, or missing depth-buffers (x-ray ships, etc).

yea did already commend on ticket they they can delete it ;D

btw for the AMD users around us. AMD Gaming Center ( or something like that ) is also causing this problem. Afther shuting it off no single problem with the graphics ( no problems at all :smiley: )

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