WTF with that marquis cheating

I just played a game where the opponent minions NEVER reach our sentry, but in almost 4 minutes marquis sniped and destroyed it… thats a BUG EXPLOIT! its pretty ridiculous, its cheating!! aim booters, ■■■■■■ matchmaking and this!
this game gonna die if nothing is done with that.

And for the guys that do that kind of cheat… Do you really have fun? yes? winning matches without doing anything?

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that guy ran to the spot and start killing our sentry since min 1… is… now i understand why there is everyday less people playing…


It honestly pisses me off its super cheap and ruins the whole match since it puts your team in a bad position since you have to fall back so far early game

well i got a marquis in my team doing the same… and he was proud of it. I just told him that ruins the whole game… think some of the other team just left the match because that…

I’ve seen marquis shoot it from two angles

  1. He gets on the slope of the door to the left of the sentry gets to the top and shoots it
  2. He shoots the small opening in the opposite sniping position

its gonna be patched

well the released a hot patch, can’t understand why not take care of this :frowning:

It’s called defending. You have to watch lot for that. There’s no a bottimg involved. I’ve done (and had it done to me) something similar with Benedict Isic and Kleese (and attempted with dean de and failed). You go behind the enemy teams and hop on a ledge in over growth or use the side rails on echelon. If you don’t watch your sentry you’ll lose that’s the point it isn’t cheating. Is it cheating on war to attack a base while no one is paying attention. No it isn’t. Sometimes it’s necessary when the enemy team spawn camps steals by waiting at mercenaries or picked literally every cheap op character at once. The sentry does attack you if you try it though and man does it hurt. I was Isic and it wrecked my shields and health in seconds. Barely survived and ran away.

It’s also cheap when it’s only pure team fights and the enemy taunts you thinking they’re good when they can’t 1v1. All I’m saying is don’t focus on pure kills. It’s not a kill only game mode its defense and offense. Every moba and shooter you’ll lose if no one wants to defend and only go out of the game for kills. Games like that bug me. It’s supposed to be defend and attack no just attack attack attack.
Smite tanks who build lure defense and no damage can tank a tower (IOW sit there and let a DPS character do the damage while they take a tom of damage). COD defense if everyone goes out to fight the other team needs only one person to rush in a take the OBJ.

There’s worse in capture. When the enemy team gets 2/3 points they’ll grab you out of spawn by pulling you if your close to and camping at the force field.

Marquis passive needs a nerf though. The bonus damage is way too much esp on larger characters. That’s not including mutations and helix though. That just breaks it.

Well he shouldn’t be able to hit it from across the map while head glitching and having a team mate defend him that’s just unfair


Yah unfortunately in FP games esp shooters the camera is in the head and he gun goes to it so it looks like that FP but other people just see a head. I agree though he shouldnt be able to sit there and shoot you while you can’t hit him. Then he just ducks to hide and you’re out in the open.

You do realize that Gearbox has said they will address this already right? Like several times at that. The problem isn’t with Marquis but with the Overgrowth map itself, so they are adjusting the map to make long range snipes impossible. The changes are apparently to large to put in through a normal hotfix so they’re waiting to add it in with a larger content update.


Why cant they lock marqius in incursion so long they dont fix the maps .

Had a guy sitting completely in the ramp able to hit me while I was also Marquis next to the healing point on our side through solid objects, surely this will get patched.

That’s cheating, no need to use a bot in or order to be a cheat, is just a bug exploit.
I found your arguments are kinda weak (no offense), you even compare a war with a game (really?); You should think about that: cheaters, are ruining the games, I can’t understand where is the fun for that, is winning a match in a super-easy-dumb-key-smash mode, no challenge, no skill, just a win…
The prize of a game is fun… (this is not a war!) ruined by cheaters and that matchmaking.

I too found your arguement extremely weak It’s not an exploit though. At all. Not defending is just that not defending. It’s an attack and DEFENSE game. You need to be aware of your surroundings. If you don’t look at the map or UI and see someone chasing you it’s not an exploit its YOU. if you don’t notice or hear that it’s being attacked it’s on YOU. there’s a reason there are warnings that it’s being attacked or a merc group is fighting the enemy or your teammates. Don’t blame it on others that you can’t pay attention.

Btw you didn’t offend me and the reason I compared it to war is this is like most action games MOBAs shooters etc pretty much simulate war. Even if it doesn’t the point was to emphasize DEFENSE. You could have the best offense in the world but without defense you’ll lose. Take any sport for example. When the other team gets the ball you’ll lose every time without a good defense. A house with just a frame or doorways without doors is super easy to enter without someone guarding it.

One last thing there ARE modders and it’s terrible. There’s tons of videos on YouTube showing it. Mostly PC. but this isn’t that.

The only part that I disagree with is the fact that Marquis can shoot without exposing any part of his body to damage. That’s not okay when he “head glitches”.

But yeah, I agree with the rest of your post. It’s called awareness. Plenty of characters can counter this.


I found that if marquis snipes it orendi can be really good for stopping him because of her speed and damage run in hit him with some pillars then run

Yah that’s the issue with FPS games and putting cameras in the head. It’s quite a pain.

Its a well known issue and is getting patched next week. Only problem is their idea for patching it isnt going to do anything (changing the side the stairs are at unless they change it)

They need to change his POV so it is higher up his body to stop him head glitching. But in honesty unless they make it so only minions can take down the sentry shields (which is the way it should be as that is the whole point of the game mode otherwise just remove minions) people will find other ways to cheese it such as isic being able to solo both sentries with ease and he does a huge amount of damage to the sentry on his own.

I really hate the argument between exploits and cheating, IMO it just amounts to the same thing and the only real difference is that exploits don’t require 3rd party applications.

The shooting of the sentries where they can’t shoot back defies the concept of the mode, the devs want it to stop but they are held back atm by sony and ms. This makes abusing it an exploit. But everyone loves to say that exploits and cheating are totally different, especially people who exploit obviously. Really though, it boils down to the fact you are abusing the game’s code knowingly to gain an unfair advantage on other players and in the process ruining the experience of a product they paid for.

I can buy a sub to a cheat website and run them too. Just because I have the ability to do this, does not make cheating such as aimbots fair… and all those are, are programs that expoit the game’s code to give the player using it an unfair advantage. I can also run a lag switch, nothing is really stopping me, but that does not make exploiting network traffic fair because anyone can do it. It would give the player using it an unfair advantage and ruin the experience of other players who purchased the game. Gearbox would actively try to remove the ability to cheat, cheaters, and lag switchers as well as patch out their effectivness, in the same way they are now using hotfixes to nerf broken mechanics and patch out exploits within the game. The only real difference between a lag switch, a cheat program, and exploiting is that exploiting doesn’t require anything but knowledge of a broken part of the game.

Argue all you want that if it’s in the game it’s fine, you know what you are doing is pathetically easy and cheap. You know it gives you an advantage you wouldn’t otherwise have. You’ve just convinced yourself that it’s different than throttling your connection or running a background script, but yourself is all you’ve managed to convince.

Cheaters be cheaters, nothing will change that. So I’m just waiting for it to get patched out, until then I’m not having a lot of fun. All anyone can really do is enjoy the games where people have some sort of sportsmanship and try not to get angry enough at cheaters to sell or delete the game because behind these exploits it IS a great game.


I have a recording of a game where my 4 man prwmade did nothing but body block a headglitching Marquis. Did we lose? Yep. But this dude was whining like a little baby.

He kept saying it was cool because he can. We werent having any of it. Eventually he tells us to grow up (IRONYYYY~~~), ■■■■ our mom, and goto hell.

I have never been happy to lose a match, but I was this time

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