Wth happened to this place?

It is even worse than when it launched.
The box that I’m typing this very text is tiny. Not to mention it showed up at the very bottom of the screen, making me think I could not make a new thread at first.
There’s stuff misplaced all over the place. Titles cut in half, icons one below the other, making threads too long.The gbx button looks squashed sideways. The “watching” options are above the new thread button, as if anyone actually cared.
And the box is still tiny when I edit. I’ve written several lines, but can only see three lines, of about thirty characters long. Editing something is an ordeal now.

This is what I see. http://i.imgur.com/p0zocd0.png5

I do realise that it is wider now, but hell, it has never felt narrower (that’s what he said).

wth is going on? Is the forum under attack?
Did a coder get fired and in retaliation broke the forum?
Is it going to stay like this?

What browser are you using? Or do you use a mobile one? I have Firefox and everthing seems fine. You can also make the box bigger by dragging it with the button that looks like a = (just with an extra line).

Firefox also.
This is what I see. http://i.imgur.com/p0zocd0.png
I just realized there are no buttons for the post box. wth

I have no idea what’s going on, but this is not what I see here (Linux Chrome)

Here’s a look at what I get…

How do I fix it? It’s driving me nuts. :’(

Hmm maybe try ctrl+F5 or ctrl+0 or clearing your cache.

Try to clear your cache and delete cookies or throw your PC out of the window. :wink:

I’ve had similar problems on other sites when something glitched while loading the page. As others have suggested, a full page reload usually fixes it. Hopefully it’s all better now?

Have Firefox too and forum is OK. Report back if you have any news @impala :wink:

ok, everything is back to normal now. It’s weird.
Looks like a day of hard work did the trick. I dunno.
Random is random.
Thanks for the replies!