WTH is going on?

I’m getting ready to go through the same thing for the 3rd time! I’m almost to Graveward, yesterday I did it all, finished Graveward. Last nite, I had to do it all again. Now, I’m right back in the Cellars to go through it AGAIN!. WTF is going on?

Are you fast travelling away from the location after fighting graveward?

Sounds like either your progress isn’t being saved, or your system is rolling back to the same previous version via cloud sync. Are you on PC, PS4, or XB1?

I’m on PC. I used my laptop last nite, so I figure I must have done something wrong or different. But now I’m on my desktop, which I also finished Graveward with, and still have to do it all again. Just ticks me off, I lost all the gear I kept, including a Legendary shotgun, and the money.

I fast travel up to Sactuary, where I’m supposed to go, and then I go down to Pandora. But the game put me right back to the Cellars on Eden 6. You’d think that having 7 years to build the game it wouldn’t have this many problems.

OK, moved to the PC Tech Support section.

My best guess is that Epic’s cloud save keeps pushing the cloud version of your game down to your desktop or laptop and over-writing the more recent local version. I’m not on EGS so I don’t know what their system looks like but you should be able to manually push and pull to/from the cloud before and after each session. I know some folks have had problems with Epic’s system - it’s supposed to ask you if it detects a date difference between local and remote saves.

Anyone know if there’s a support page on Epic’s web site for their cloud save system?

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