WTH is happening?

Last 2 days i CAN’T play Battleborn! what is happening? I have to wait at least 30 mins? In the best cases i can play, last days im waiting more than 15 mins and in the best cases i found a team of 5 guys to create team, then some just leave because is tired from the waiting.

Then I go to overwatch and got a game in 5… SECONDS… But i want to play Battleborn no overwatch!!. Holly Sh… Really?

I find nothing else than silence from gearbox… The community give already lot of ideas to improve the game, the matchmaking, the items… No answer from the devs in any form… My feeling is that no one cares, meanwhile, its sad that we can’t play the game … and… I also bought… the season pass :cold_sweat:

So is the game diying then? (well more than dying seems its dead) What is happening? Did gearbox said something I missed? anyone knows something about that?

PD: Actually, after MORE than 30 mins, a game started, was totally unbalanced, and one of our team already left on character selection, I think because Thorn was already chosed when he was about to pick: I understand that: if after 30 MINUTES you can’t play what you want… you just close and go to another game… is really sad…

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The player base for Overwatch is a lot larger than Battleborn. Right now, according to Steam, there’s less than 1875 playing BB. I don’t know exactly how much less but the 100th most played game has 1875 right now.

I’m also finding it a little annoying to try and play through a story mode only to be grouped with 2 other players. 2…

They need a free week. Not weekend. FREE WEEK of Battleborn. At which time, put the game on sale for 40% off AGAIN during that week. There’s a sustainable population number, one I don’t know and neither sure how to calculate, where SP and MP will have reasonable wait times. Personally I feel you shouldn’t have to wait more than 1-2 minutes MAX for a game. Nor should you have to just get defaulted into a 2 or 3 player SP story mode because there’s no one available to play.

I feel your pain though, I really do. I have BB open in the background and the lack of finding a full mission has me already looking for something else to play. Which unfortunately contributes to the lower players online which will contribute to other players doing the same. Vicious cycle.


Wasn’t that what the beta was, a free week of battleborn? Why would it be different now? Sure you’d get more games for week, but then back to the initial problem were facing now. I’m confident, hopeful they’re working on something and we’re experiencing the calm before a storm; be it
or bad, you’ll know asap

Blizzard has a bigger following so once Overwatch came out ppl jumped ship. If you like straight arena shooters than Overwatch has more of what you want. If you’re looking for more MOBA (not saying BB is a MOBA) like, that’s BB. The average FPS player would rather just kill other players than have some kind of team objective. I think if Gearbox put more story missions in and the Lore for some characters weren’t crazy ridiculous (Looking at you Toby) I think the player base would be bigger. I know they couldn’t make another Borderlands and put the characters from BB in it. I think they just need time to perfect their game.

…Sadly the Steam player base is sinking fast.

Yes and no. Free weeks bring in new sales. If they didn’t, Steam would never have them. After all, it’s taking resources on their end to run and good old Gabe isn’t going to just do it unless it brings revenue into his pocket. Putting the game on sale is also very important.

warning: The following are just generic numbers to make a point and not exact figures!

If they could rack up 3000 sales @ 40% off, it’s better than 300 @ full price. And 3000 sales isn’t that far fetched of a number. Even if you only have a third of those players playing at any given moment that’ll greatly help.
The free week is also important because you want to have a healthy population while people are trying to decide on whether to buy the game. 2K Giving 40% off to help the playerbase, err… [salty] I mean to ‘celebrate’ the release of Alani [/salty] was good but it doesn’t put the game in the hands of the player. They needed to try it again, for free. And for a full week. Not 5 days, not the weekend. A full week to ensure that no matter what your schedule is you’ll find a few days you can play.
And it’s up to every single one of us who want this game to succeed and grow to be online during that free week.


Marketing is where they failed imo.
They need to hold up now,until a playerbase can grow but well,a pvp/pve multiplayer game where you can’t play online because the playerbase is dying,because not enough marketing was done and because the game went out at the worst possible date ever for it. Cuz people retardedly compared it to OW.
So yeah,either it’s close to ending or it’s just gonna last like that,until a playerbase grow,somehow,someday.


Im not saying one is better than another, i like more the BB style, but… what happened to BB? i can’t even play a single game lattely… Ow is to do some games, maybe 2 or 3 in 15 mins, fast games, Fps deatmach, BB is more deeper moba style, because this I know is harder to create a game of 10 players, but… 30 mins and can’t play? the worst, and the sad, is just the silence from gbx… my feelings is that we payed for it, and now, devs forgot about it…


They need a free month… and probably 50% price off on every platform with free dlc… I read that today is under 1000 players on steam…
Honestly I think that they could start to move the majority of dev on Borderlands 3.

Guys, is June, June means mid School Exams and University final Exams in most part of the world, is totally normal the fanbase of this game drop in a few thousands! Dont despair! <3

That’s a good way to sink a company. Immediately abandoning a sinking game (that you are on the hook for season pass content) will harm Gearbox in the long term and effect future games. Ubisoft saw that happen recently when they tried to pass off a buggy mess of an assassin creed game and then abandon it for the next.


It may be thruth but as said, OW is finding games in almost 5 seconds… so only BB players got exams?

i really hope this isnt true since that would mean most bb players are still in school than again every time im in the heliophage in pubs theres always some kid under 10 in there

I only think that unfortunately we are almost at the point of no return.
Hope to be wrong, I love the game.
Bue I think that everyone have to look at the issues, the numbers and what this numbers means for a Company.
If they have a defibrillator I hope they use it in a couple of weeks.

we got this in another thread so its a thing at least

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Two days ago was the first time since the release when the players drooped under 1000,
that was at the daily low, but the daily peak is also falling every day.

I would say the game will be free to play very soon but since they just did nothing when the
same thing happened to Evolve, I’m not sure what reaction we get from K2.

well evolve wasn’t made by gbx so i dont know what that has to do with this but i think they’ll do something i dont know what but it will be something alright

They did not market for PC well at all. I don’t know how these companies can fail to do basic 101 type stuff.

That being said, I wonder how successful OW REALLY is. Once you factor in the staggering cost of money the failed Titan project cost(which remnants became OW) and the extremely large amounts of money they’ve spent marketing(ads are literally EVERYWHERE, net, tv, stores, movie theatres, giant action figures etc etc).

I’d be curious to see the true cost of OW compared to it’s sales.

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im more curious about how much they spent on ads compared to development

Until such time that the targeting works normally and is on the same level as other competitive FPS games, I’d recommend no free weeks. Game is currently what comes after Open Beta…Open Gamma? There is no point in doing any balancing of heroes or anything like that until targeting-hitting lag is fixed for mouse and keyboard configuration on PC version (don’t know about consoles, maybe someone should try if there are the same problems). Hopefully they will fix it soon (it can be done, no doubt), otherwise the PC version will die in a very short amount of time because you can’t have serious competitions or sustainable community if you can’t target properly (which is 99% of the time in the game). I suspect if they want to gather any profit out of it, is to drop everything, fix this problem (because it is game breaking) and then re-launch the game.

Why a melee character like Rath or burster like Orendi can kill you in a jiff if he is circling and jumping around you (they use AoE predominantly and are not that much affected by this):

Oscar Mike example

Ghalt example