WTH is happening?

Its the same publisher 2K, Battleborn has its flaws but its not a bad game, thats Gearboxs part,
the pricing and the marketing is in the hands of 2K and
if we see “free weekends” or a “free to play” model is in the hand of 2K.

You keep posting this but it’s not a mechanic issue. That’s bullet travel time. They aren’t hit scan weapons.

Also what are you playing on? Your FPS looks really sluggish. Honestly I don’t even think mine looks like that on PC when I play even with travel time.

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Frames are normal, it’s captured video recording that is stuttering. When I was recording this and during gameplay, frame count is very high. I play on PC.

Well then they should try upping bullet travel time…but I believe this is a much deeper issue. If you take a look at ghalt, his chain goes 90° off from my view. It’s animation delay problem, not bullet time.

Yes the pc population is pretty much gone, idk if a free week is going to anything since the damage is already there and the game still runs really bad for some people.

A lil bit of optimization can’t hurt the game right… The main problem is that in pc people have more choices plus smite (god pack) and overwatch cost the same.

The only thing that I could suggest to save the game is cross play with both system ps4 and xbox, otherwise is not soon to say that the we pc players are really screwed with this game.


Well that explains what i notice… two days ago started to be totally unplayabe, before was hard but… well, some patience, since then is almost impossible to start a decent game.

I was thinking that GBX will not make free weekends/weeks, the game gonna be F2P, because with this population it gonna go down pretty quick… but then, what will happen with people that already paid? and what limitations will have F2P players?

Is hard we al talking a game like this only chance to survive is going F2P when it has been relesead just 1 month ago…

anyway, besides all this, besides what we think, what ideas community have, the main issue still being the silence and “no action”, actually im not wasting my time double clicking on battle born anymore, i know im not gonna be able to play it, just waiting for devs answer…

It’s not so bad on the PS4. Actually it has gotten better. Wait time isn’t even long enough for me to work on my load outs anymore.

I’m really sorry to hear you feel this way. We try to do a good job of interacting with you guys, but that doesn’t seem to have come across in this case, so I’m sorry about that. We’re of course aware that some people are still experiencing long matchmaking times and we’re actively making tweaks to try and optimize the experience for everyone.

As for community ideas, that’s one of our favorite parts of what we’re doing with Battleborn – the opportunity to be inspired by you guys and hear your ideas and feedback. A lot of great ideas have been thrown out by you all and while we can’t respond to everything, we take note of what we see. Many of us here attend weekly meetings to talk about our hot fixes for that week. My job in these meetings is to specifically address community concerns and talk with the dev team on whether or not we can make these happen – 1. in a hot fix (small, easy fix), 2. a full update (bigger, more complicated), or 3. at all. In most cases, things can be changed in either a hot fix or an update, but there are exceptions.

If you ever have specific questions or would like to make sure we see something, all you need do is tag me in your post (@JoeKGBX) and I’ll see it. If it’s something I’m at liberty to answer or address, I certainly will.


Any date or timeframe on the next big thing? Will the next Battleplan have more info in it about the game itself instead of future characters that we can only speculate and probably come out wrong about? Can we get a Dev Letter forum running as well where you list these community ideas that you think are great and discuss how you may or may not be able to make it happen?

We see a lot of Purple responces in our threads but we already know these people are just outsiders brought on to help moderate the forums… the color we all wanna see is Orange (cuz u legendary heeeheeeheee), that is the color that has the facts and the information! While yes Orange is rare in games, I don’t think you should hold that legendary comment rate on the forums :frowning: (hopefully my analogies are working… if it makes no sense just tell me lol)


Thats an start @JoeKGBX,

First, thanks for the answer. I don’t have any doubt that you are working and doing meetings, and proposing some changes in them, but we, the community, don’t know what actually happens inside them.

While in other games community get constant feedback and news from devs (maybe news once two or three days about how development or new features are being planned) we don’t even know the next steps for BB. Im not talking about “hotfixes” or balance problem/glitches/bugs patches; the game seems pretty stable right now. (I know you solved the glitch that allows snipping sentinel without danger as soon as possible, and that was a good movement on your side).

But what about the “real” problems? We can’t play the game (at least on PC) with a matchmaking that takes 30 minutes to create a team…, and once is created; what about the balance between players/teams? what about people that, after 30 mins waiting, left because they can’t play the character they want (obviously…)? Maybe we want to know if there something planned, or if any of our proposals is be taking in account… For the matcmaking I saw (and proposed on my own before) some possible solutions like:

.- Remove the 3 game modes and use just 1 queue and then, once teams are done, players will choose map (choosing the game mode with the map): With this the playerbase will no be spread away in different modes.

.- Players MAY choose battleborn before join so people can play with what they want and teams could be auto-balanced on roles. Or just no choose any so they can adapt on team selection.

.- And… What about crossplatform chances? maybe the worst platform (PC) could cross with ps4 or xbox?

Also, other people was talking and giving ideas on how to solve other problems, like the drop rates of the gear, increasing it for the advanced difficulty, cause, its very fustrating the need to grind one time and another without any decent drop etc… and other issues… But saw nothing about what devs thinks or plan for the next patch, not even when it will be released…

Again… Thanks for your answer, hope is not the last one :wink:

PC would destroy consoles… it won’t happen. I watch PS4 youtube videos and I have to vomit if I imagine them playing on PC like that. TTK is a bit shorter on PC due to a better accuracy and faster reaction to anything around you. I’d love to see more people but this idea would probably destroy the game. Maybe have PvE have a cross platform but PvP just wouldnt work :frowning:

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last night was pretty rough…the weeks before it was usually~1-2 minutes, it was closer to 5-6 minutes for a match and the Level Balance Weight was always way off…confusingly so in most cases. I’m hoping it’s not a sign of the times for the game, but I suppose it was also just a Tuesday, we’ll see how the weekend goes.

Pretty sure he meant worst as in lowest player base population.

Think he’s referrring to the fact that the keyboard/mouse combo allows for superior accuracy to a controller, plus there’s less frame rate drops and tiny lags/hitches on a high performance PC compared to a console… Therefore, a similarly skilled player on PC will have an advantage over a console player…



For the last 2 weeks I have been completely unable to get a game in any mode, I will wait a max of 20mins for a game and then it’s on to another game. It is disappointing because I liked this game so much, and it’s been a long time since I enjoyed a pvp shooter. Please advise if you have any intention of adding the ability to “que all” to try and reduce matchmaking time? I would even be happy if this was for both pve & pve, as currently any playtime is better than none.


Well if that is what he meant, I can’t find fault in that.

I think I made the right decision in buying it for console despite having a good gaming PC.

I’ve heard it’s poorly optimised for PC anyway :worried:

If you are only waiting 5-6 minutes for a match on a slow day, you are doing very well. I’ve waited 20 minutes for a matchup just to have it cancelled from lack of players. Then you get to start the matchmaking process all over again.

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And we can move the platform anguish as far away from this forum as possible.

Platform wars are good for absolutely nothing.

Fair enough

This being a multi platform game there are things that need to be discussed about the differences in performance, matchmaking, cross platform compatibility, etc.
Unfortunately whenever these discussions arise so do a inherent need to defend ones justification of their platform choice. Unless this forum becomes a shouting match about who has the bigger console, I think a little tiny bit of anguish is excusable. So long as it does not detract from the topic at hand.