WTH is happening?

that’s a good point, didn’t want to seem like I was complaining but it is a longer wait than previously!

Since the threat was created i was only able to play 2 games, of course, after insane queues on the matchmaking (20~30 mins), and one of them was the most unbalanced rank matching i ever saw… (a 5 premade team all R100). If you ask… it was one of the most boring and fast defeats ever…

With that, I just come to take a look to the forums state and what I see is that GBX/Moderators censuring people cause they talk about console or pc and giving no update about that the game is more unplayable every day that passes.

Im sorry if it sounds rude, its not my intention (english is not my first language, im trying my best), is just that, IMO, it don’t seems the best way to communicate with a community that actually got reasons to be worried and angry.

Im not even trying to join the game, Im full of fustration actually, keep waiting for the news… hope there is something about this soon… (before more people quits!)

Yeah…I think you should read the forum rules. That may help you understand our actions better. People being angry doesn’t mean they get to ignore the rules. Please don’t post again until you’ve done so. Thanks.

Im not saying people should ignore forum rules… what Im trying to say is that, maybe, being so fast and straight censuring comments, while not giving any update on the topic, plus lot of people being angry/discontent, is not good for the playerbase situation. don’t become agressive with me for that coment pls.

Again, I urge you to read the rules, as they explain our roles. Mods aren’t able to provide updates, because we’re not devs. We’re community members who got asked to help out on the forum. That’s what we do, and that includes removing posts that cause trouble, whatever the topic, and regardless of how many people are angry.

We don’t get any info about the game any sooner than you do. It feels odd that you should berate us for not doing something that we cannot do. Any further queries should be via pm, thanks. (That’s in the rules, too. please read them) link here:

I’m getting into a match in under a minute on ps4

We’re working hard on several different ways to improve and optimize matchmaking. Some people are having problems that we’re pretty confident we can address with a few simple tweaks and we’re hopeful we can share more details on those soon.


The matchmaking is always fast for me, but my team is usually 2-4 players because people disconnect.

This is on the PC.

Wow! thats what I call communication skills; I never said you should do the job of others, just wish other kind of communication is as fast as yours ;), again, thank you for your answers and your time!

about the playerbase/matchmaking issue, i was about to talk about another major flaw that been recently addressed:

IMO this is another main issue, people that leave, or dc on player selection, or in the match… with the low population of the game, waiting for 30 mins and get a game being just 5 vs 3/4 is kinda fustrating… (so more fustration, less players…).

@JoeKGBX: Don’t know if you (or devs) got any idea about how to deal with that, but im not pretty sure if some suggestions (somekind of punishment) will work here (more punishment = … less players…) on the other side, for the matchmaking about people that leave because they can’t play their character, I suggested already an idea about that, and, for the people that leaves in the middle of the game, well, this will not solve the problem but, how about to replace it with a bot or an xp/shard buff for the remaining players?

About the suggestion of being free for a week or make it F2P, well, I saw the game at ~30$, thats not too much for a game that was released a month ago. If people is not paying that is because they are not interested in the game… so, seems some content that attract people and marketing is needed here…

No worries at all.

any update?

just left the game again without playing after waiting and just finding one player for the team (that left after 5 mins…)

Yeah, this is getting ridiculous. I’ve waited 20+minutes this morning!