WTH is wrong with the Devs?

Seriously what is my incentive to keep playing. First I farm Iwajira for 12 hours straight and not one legenday. Today I play the claptrap dlc and lose 20 million$ cause you made UVHM so op I died every two minutes to the point I couldn’t afford ammo. Really so when I die the more I have the more they take well why doesn’t the cost of ammo go down when I have less money? Another thing why would you make a boss so powerful it takes me over 30 minutes to kill it and it doesn’t drop any legendaries and playing solo is down right ridiculous. I’ve played BD2 a million times and never had this much problems with the game. I know trollers are going to eat this post up but something needs to change for the better. Nerf bosses ir buff guns increase legendary drop rate. This game gets a two star rating as of now. Nothing like wasting peoples time for nothing.

TPS UVHM is much easier than BL2. The only problem is with certain bosses and badasses.


Its so simple just stop playing on uvhm. We get it, you made another post complaining the other day. Uvhm is hard and it’s supposed to be that way. Alot of us including me want a challenge. They arent going to nerf things cause one person has a problem. Just keep playing and youll get better. Or dont play on uvhm. Uvhm is alot of fun and i love the the challenge. In no way is this game wasting my time.


Horrible luck. I wish I could help you out.

This is actually a really good idea.

I felt the same about Craw Jr. in BL2. A lot of work for a chance at some red chests.

Not agreeing with your general feeling about the game doesn’t make someone a troll. Just a difference of opinion.


I hardly play TPS, I feel as if (almost) everything you’ve posted is generally inaccurate, and was posted out of frustration. If your are an ACTUAL Bl2 vet, you would know that Bl2 uvhm is far more challenging than Bl:tps uvhm. Imo you should be thanking the devs, because where they have messed up, they have made up for/implemented improvements. Just be thankful you have farmable bosses now.

Also, if you are having difficulties, it could very well be your build or gear or both. Learn, adapt, and innovate. Three words to live by, not just play by.


I think his post was more to do with the crazy difficulty of the Claptrap boss with a little drop rate complaint mixed in. The Claptrap boss is pretty insanely tough compared to any other story bosses I remember and I can see why some people really dislike it.

I agree though that UVHM is much more well done in TPS. BL2 there are a few characters who I won’t use at all in UVHM because it’s just no fun.


Git gud, tps uvhm is a cakewalk compared to bl2, and the player characters are way more powerful. Yes, your health bar might as well be binary, but getting second winds is a lot easier.
Most tactics from normal mode still work in UVHM, that’s a lot more than you can say for bl2. Get too scoops, start with a bang, and friendship nova with claptrap and stomp everything. Get a good jakobs shotty and order stack cap with Nisha. Get phalanx and xiphos/cs or full-on cs with athena and wreck face with hyperion shotguns and high fire-rate weapons, or fly around bleeding everyone. Even Hades’ shackles does decent damage, yet a lot of people say it’s meh. Haven’t played wilhelm or the dlc chars in uvhm, but they probably perform well too (except maybe aurelia in solo)
As for drop rates, I feel you. At least Iwajira is easy though.
As for claptastic final boss, yes, he is whack. I have no idea how my fragtrap is going to beat him. But if you have an Athena, I can confirm it’s more than doable

Well, I’m sorry that you find UVHM to be so difficult. Were you playing with 4 people, and was your gear appropriately leveled? Cause there’s a pretty big difference playing in a group or solo; on solo enemies melt so quickly it’s laughable.

Also, while I say UVHM is easy, it’s really not supposed to be. You’re on hard mode. You can’t tank everything. Use elemental effectiveness. Use cryo and then explosive weapons. Use oz kits. Butt slam. Use the environment to take cover and manipulate enemies. Fight smarter.

Yes, the boss fight seems unusually hard for something that isn’t specifically labeled a raid boss. Though in my mind, it’s still a raid boss.

people keep saying that bl2 uvhm was harder, and on paper it is, but there were better ways of staying alive on bl2 than in the pre sequel

playing on op8 with a salvador wielding a grog and dpuh was way easier than trying to play in uvhm with like wilhelm

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I feel UVHM was easier in BL2. I didn’t die as much and enemies were easier to kill using slag as a damage catalyst.

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At level 70, tps Utvhm is too easy apart from raid boss, Clappy final boss and some badasses (only a problem with 4 players Co op). Level 72 Bl2 Utvhm also too easy, that is why they introduced op8. The more you play and twitch the character, the easier the game become even in BL2 OP8. Raid boss and Clappy are meant to be hard as people complained about warrior the joke in BL2 OP8. Trust me, after much twitching your character and experimenting, you will laugh at the post and wondering why you put it up in the first place. Try athena, nisha or jack as they are great against raid boss. As for specific build, they are a lot of good ones in the forum, look them up if you must.

I’m not the only one who thinks it’s op. And yeah something should change. The piont wasn’t only about the difficulty it’s also the garbage drop rate of legendaries and costs of respawning. Take only the negative and build a fire but ignore valid points.

How do you know what i’m saying is inaccurate if you don’t play it?

the legendary drop rates are better in tps for most items and it’s the same exact cost for both games

I’m a level 70 Athena and I am geared properly. All my gear is level 70 and I play alone. With Athena most of her damage stems from stacking fire and electric. So i’m sure I’m doing it right. I know UVHM is meant to be hard but when my electric attacks don’t melt shields I find it weird. I downloaded the Handsome Collection on the PS4 and i’m wondering if it’s just glitched or meant to be worse than the ps3 or 360 version. I’ve watched many youtube video’s on where to farm boses and they say the drop rate was good and they were killing easily but they were also level 50 to 60. Not 70 fighting a 72 boss.

Well I have killed Iwajira about 100 times in the last 3 days and hasn’t drop a single legendary so the drop rate for 100 out of 100 is 0% right now.

the easiest legendary weapon in the game to get is from flame knuckle in the badass round of the holodome

he drops it like 1/2 games

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I played it quite a bit in the PAST… So yeah m8.

What weapon is that?

Yeah but in the past there wasn’t a level 70 and the drop rate was better then. So yeah m8 since you played last thing have changed!