WTH is wrong with the Devs?

If you’re dying every two minutes you wouldn’t need to buy any ammo since the game refills your supply on respawn.

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Do it doesn’t. Or my game is glitched and just hates me. Lol

Well it doesn’t give you back rocket and grenades but everything else should increase on respawn. Though, I do agree with you about the ammo cost, it’s really stupid how high it gets as you level up and I just find it easier and faster to respawn and get my ammo back.

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Old school NES games were hard. TPS Is a cakewalk in comparison. If you cannot solo shadow trp, play with some friends.

he drops the nukem

Cool. Unfortunately i’m seriously farming the Kwik Change Thingy from Iwajira. I have a ton of cool laser guns I want to turn legendary to see what I get. I’m about to offer 50 million for one. Lmao.smh.

I would but Unfortunately I don’t have any friends on the PS4 who is 70 to run with. Since it is UVHM the enemies scale to the highest level player and in my case that would be me.

I dont have much to say that hasnt already been said, but, on the topic of Legendaries, with all that Iwajira killing, you must be LOADED with Purples you can feed to the grinder with the hopes of producing an Orange.

Also, dont underestimate the power of vendor farming.

Sell a bunch of Iwa loot (every three or four runs you can net around a million) then just go every fast travel spot in the game one by one and hit up every vendor.

Then save / quit or wait for the item timer to restart and repeat.

You WILL get Legendaries!

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Oh I do. I try every purple for a oj and sell all white green blues. In 3 hours I went from 35k to 56m. Fact is without the kwik change thingy I cannot guarantee my lasers to turn legendary since we cannot moonstone grind 3 purples

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It’s tedious and annoying, but, sadly, with all that cash, vendor farm.

You’ll get oranges.

I remember in the first month of game release, Legendaries would drop from mobs / bosses / chests fairly frequently, but then one day, they just kind of stopped.

And then vendors / grinders became the best way to get your Oranges.

They still do rarely drop from bosses / enemies / chests though just a lot more rarely!

Try to farm glitched Maliwan blaster with L4 or yellow or funzerker, it’s mag buffed alone is awesome For extra continuous dam bonus.

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Well that’s because they lowered the drop rate on legendaries. And with that this is a farming loot game. Kinda sad I have to farm vening machines instead of actually playing the content for the things I’m looking for.

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Who or what is L4, Yellow or funzerker?

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Yeah, vendor farming is expensive, tedious, and boring.

And yes, i know they lowered the drop rates.

I was trying to say it was frustrating watching it happen!

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Yeah I hear ya.

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L4 is a glitched code for yellow or funzerker. Look up the forum, they are ways of farming them. Or just a purple Maliwan blaster will do, they are very good for bosses and overkill for general mobs. 200% damage bonus after continuing 20 shot, that is for purple 37 mag blaster, 17 shot at 200% dam. A glitched one is 49 mag, so 29 shots!!! With L4 glitched, reduced ammo consumption, man that is insane damage.

You can use any legendary…

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Farming Iwa for a Legendary will not guarantee a lvl 70 (same with vendor farming - could be 68, 69 or 70), which will affect the lvl of grinded weapon. You may already know this though.

I’m proud of this community for not ripping OP to shreads and instead giving him/her legitimate advice and taking some points in considerstion.

<3 this forum


Me too. Many hearts.