Wth Multplayer Matchmaking

This kinda sucks, no it really sucks, because I wanted my first topic on Battleborn to be about how awesome it is and how much i wanted to thank and praise gearbox and 2k for this awesome game.
However…Multiplayer is getting OUT OF HAND. I don’t know if it some new system introduced where someone leaves during que and the team is still forced to fight a 4v5, But it happened 6 times to me today. SIX TIMES out of my 7 games, it’s frankly ridiculous. It only makes it stabbingly worse with harsh character imblances such as galil still not balanced so not only are you playing 4v5 and wasting your time that the game forced you to play, but also there are tons of people abusing really strong unbalanced characters in the game right now.Atleast before if someone left during que the game was disbanded, but now being forced to fight when your teammates leave because it’s like three level 50s on the opposite team while your all lvl 10-20 is just so bad what is this Matchmaking?
Battleborn please not only is this ruining the experience for many players and tiring them out faster than you can believe- it is also putting turning good players and sportsmanlike players bad because you are more rewarded by ditching your team disconnecting or ragequitting with no penalty besides just waiting for an obvious surrender or just playing something else with no punishment, ban or suspension. As well as making people more edgy toxic and using imbalances in the game simply to get ahead. perfect example is the marquis incursion sniping, allowing that flaw to exist is making many players who wouldn’t resort to it do it, because it is being done to them. Please gearbox, I’m really trying to ride the wave with this one, but it gets harder and harder day after day, and it feels like things are being talked about but no real actions are being made.

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There are patches coming very soon that I’ve seen mentioned on reddit and on these forums. Sorry, I don’t have a link handy, but they’re not hard to find. Galilea is not going to be able to attack while sprinting anymore, and she’s going to be getting some other adjustments. Kleese is getting adjusted, though I don’t know how. The Overgrowth map design is getting fixed so the cheesy sentry sniping, even without the benefit of the glitch, won’t be able to occur. More changes are on the way. I’m very eager to see what their first changelog details. Basically, on the balance front, be patient. They’re already working on it.

The matchmaking is based on a point system that I con’t remember the name of, not command rank, and command rank only indicates time spent playing the game anyways. It could be that there hasn’t been enough time with the system to distribute the massive influx of new players, considering the game is still brand new. Given the frequency of complaints with the matchmaking, though, maybe Gearbox should consider some short term adjustments to help spread players out faster.

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thanks dude, you give me hope, Like Ieyasu Tokugawa i will endure… come bitter sweet battleborn we will embrace once more D: