WTT 31% weapon dmg + 25% smg dmg Phasezerker and 17% smg dmg + 16% shock dmg elemental projector. LF Fire/cryo/rad Crossroad Phascast 250%

phasezerker mod has
25% weapon Damage
31% SMG damage
45% Hyperian Crit damage

Elemetal Projector on top of 90% dmage boost to elemntal damage suffered has
+17% SMG damage
+16% Shock Damage
+1666 Max Shield
+8% Combat XP

I am looking for a fire Crossroad with 250% damage after phasecast.

the above mod and artifact you can use a crossroad on a tanky mobbing build and down graveward consistentently under 10 seconds on mayhem 3 and never have to check modifiers…currently using a fire crossroad with 125% damage to badass and named bosses after phasecast.

Annointeds get wiped within 5 seconds on tough modifiers. other than the milittant one that goes immune with a shield. but whilst hes immune you can kill everyone around him during the time he is immune.

all the above using one SMG.

my 7 year old nephew uses my build and gear and he basically plays slughtershaft solo on mayhem 3 and never checks modifiers and completes everytime.

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