WTT Engulfing Ogre (Anointed Operative)

I picked up a legendary Engulfing Ogre during my farming run today with Anointed Operative: while Digi-Clone is active, regenerate 12% ammo per second. I haven’t ever seen that Anointed bonus before (and I wonder if there is an equivalent for SNTNL), so rather than sell it I figured I’d trade it to someone who uses Digi-Clone.

What I’m looking for first and foremost is a good Anointed incendiary Crossroads with +50% cryo while SNTNL is active. I’ve been having terrible RNG luck trying to farm one. Second on my list would be an Anointed Night Hawkin with 30+ mag size, 400+ damage x3, full-auto, and +50% cryo while SNTNL is active.

I also picked up a legendary Tri-Bolt (AR) that is Anointed Operative: +75% damage when swapping position with Digi-Clone. I’ll toss that in as a bonus for a good trade above. Gamertag is listed by my username.