WTT for (Annointed) Operative Class Mod

Hi everyone.

I’m on Xbox, and after over a hundred hours farming in M3 TVHM, I still can’t seem to find a good class mod that fits my build. What I’m looking for is an Annointed “Techspert” mod (I’m running a shield/drone build), preferably with +weapon damage and +mag size. God rolls would be weapon damage, mag size, and damage reduction, but weapon damage and mag size are the most important to me.

I have a ton of stuff I’d be willing to trade, including some unique stuff, like the One Pump Chump, Redline, and Recurring Hex (cryo and shock), among others such as a really good Night Hawkin and Cryo Crossroads, etc. Please message me on Xbox Live if you’ve got what I’m looking for, provide the mod details, and we’ll arrange a time to meet. My gamertag is Mournblood.

Thanks in advance.

Sad to tell you, that there are no anointed class mods (also relics) out there (till now)

Well, if anyone has a Techspert with the modifiers I’m looking for (weapon damage, mag size, damage resist), I’d still be willing to trade for that.