WTT for Last-ditch entreched bloodletter class mod

Looking for Bloodletter without Thin Red Line, if it comes with health regen is better :smile:… i have a lot of things like:

Annexed Lyuda Annointed ammo regen
Binary Cutsman blue - green both annointed with elemental damage
Recurring hex cryo, radio not annointed
Gap stop lvl 1
Ecc let me know thanks :blush:

I should write before, i play on ps4

I’m sure folks would be delighted to help you, but which platform do you play on?

Sorry for that ps4 :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve got a last ditch bloodletter, unfortunately it doesn’t have any health Regen but it doesn’t have any stats in thin Red line. Let me know if this is something you’re interested in and we can work out a trade.

Just dropped mine without regen too…i am looking for tediore shotgun that splits into 4 mirv if you have any i need it! Thanks in the meanwhile :pray: image|375x500

Hey sorry, I’m using tediore mirv shotguns but would be happy to trade the blood letter if you’re still interested