+X Damage of XX seconds

Hey guys, I’ve been wondering about this.

Let’s just take Boldur’s level 4 helix skill Hatchet Man for example.

Enemies hit with Axe Toss suffer bleed damage
+48 damage over 4 seconds

Does that mean that total bleed dmg over 4 seconds is just 48 damage? or the bleed damage is Axe Toss Damage + 48 Damage = Bleed damage over 4 seconds?

When it says “over 4 seconds”, damage is dealt in total over 4 seconds basically total damage / 4 = damage per tick?

Can someone please enlighten me. There are others that has +XX damage over X seconds but I’m really wondering what is the real dmg for this.

The wording is clear. It’s 48 damage spread over 4 seconds, which is 12 hit points a second. It’s not much in terms of damage, but note that it causes the enemy’s shield regeneration be delayed 4 additional seconds (if they have a shield to begin with).

Hmm guess if u put it that way it does ensure there’s extra 4 seconds on top of the recharge delay to kill the enemy… it’s somehow puny… but well it does it’s job i suppose. Thanks for making it clear!