X-files (spoilers)

What did you think of the ending of the mini series? What do you think is to come? How should it have ended, in your opinion?

I would have kept it the same way, but had it go on a bit longer where their son or the smoking man or some other important character shows their face, and end it at that. I also think that they should either do a third movie, or both, to conclude everything and leave no holes

my files?

why do you want my files?

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They are needed for the greater good. To finally defeat the king of skags and locate the brown rocks so we can store four weapons that our other characters won’t use.

Easily the best episode of this run was “Mulder and Scully find a were monster”. If anyone tells you differently, they are a fool.

As to the ending… meh?

I was always a monster of the week guy with x-files, and found all the conspiracy stuff either contrived or boring.

This run did not dissapoint in that regard.

My second favorite episode would probably be the horror episode with the pychic being that was killing people threatening the homeless.

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Those were good ones. They said that they didn’t want to do another movie, so I am hoping that they continue with another mini season which make a full season and then they have the younger pair of agents take over the x files and do normal cases, where abductees begin to show up and bring back the actual aliens