+X Grenade Buff on COM acts like Character is always short grenades

I’ve only tested this with FL4K so far, but whenever I put on a COM that increases my grenade carrying capacity, when I approach an ammo vending machine for the Refill Ammo option, it always thinks I need to buy these grenades even though I’m at max capacity.

Anyone else see this?


Sorry for the late reply, but I recently experienced this issue as well and I found this topic just now.

Basically I have a Fl4k class mod that is supposed to add 6 grenades, but when I equip it the counter only goes from 11 to 16. Thus the game allows me to pick up grenades even if I’m full, and I also have the problem you mentioned regarding vending machines.

I don’t know if it’s a Fl4k-only issue, or if it happens regardless of your level/SDU purchased. I’m on Playstation 4, by the way, so it’s not a PC-only bug.

This is certainly not a deal breaker (though I hadn’t noticed picking up grenade drops when actually full… that could be vexing if I’m really focused on grenade tosses and I keep ‘wasting’ them like that).

Like I’m not even reporting it as a thing, as they’ve got plenty of other stuff to look after (not that anyone else wouldn’t). If this isn’t already on their radar and fixed in some random upcoming patch/hotfix I figure I’d submit something after a few months.

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