× Guns for Trade ×

I don’t use Corrosive weapons, so I’d like to trade them for elements I do use
All lvl 50

  • Queens Call (corrosive)
  • Pestilent Vicious Lyuda (corrosive)
  • Defrauding The Butcher (corrosive)
  • Venomous Relentless Kaos (corrosive)
  • Unending Magnificent (corrosive)

I’d like any of these

  • Queens Call (Cryo w/ sights)
  • Lyuda (cryo / not the annexed version)
  • Relentless Kaos (fire)
  • Burning Flakker (fire)
  • Lucians Call (radiation w/ sights)
  • Shredifier (radiation w/ sights)