X4 Magic Missile possible in NVHM?

I just sped through TTAoDK in NVHM with my Sal so I can look for low level Magic Missiles for my other characters. Then it occurs to me that x4/purple Magic Missile May not be available in NVHM.

Anyone know if x4 Magic Missile drops in NVHM? Or do I need to speed through the DLC in TVHM again?

Yes it is available in NVHM, I have one that’s level 35 I think (it might be lower than that tbh, I can’t remember, but it’s in the 30s)


I think the ×4 MM only drops in the Magic Slaughter or at least that’s the only place I’ve seen it.


Thanks for the info @Kuolemanlaakso and @BTK420247. After more than few rounds of Magic Slaughter: Badass Round, couple of them dropped for me.


you can get it by spawning badasses at the altar just before the sorcerer.
All 3 purple MMs i have are from that

edit: i need to watch the post dates


Sometimes I forget the altar exists…