XB 'Legendary Items Found' category

Hi there,
(also submitted a ticket about this - curious if anyone else has the same issues)

I have been playing on XBOX 1 and noticed that when checking my achievements under the ‘Legendary Items Found’ category, this is currently 0.

I have found countless Legendaries (lucky me! - need a lv 40+ Hellfire next please RNG master… :slight_smile: ) but this has not been updated to reflect this under my profile.

Not sure if its just me or if this is an issue for everyone?



This is the in-game challenges list, not the Steam/PS4/XB1 trophy/achievements, correct?

Is this showing on a new character, or an imported one?

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This is on the XB1 dashboard under the achievements then stats for the game.
I have not checked in game - was not aware you could.

I have multiple characters, 2 with Legendaries found but my achievements are shown as 0.

Not a big deal but just thought i’d make someone aware.

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I was not aware of that entry! Just checked mine and it says 2 for me. Which is weird because I know I have found more than that. I wonder if it makes a difference whether you find those items using new or imported saves? I only have one character that was created in the Remaster itself, and that character has only got as far as Sledge in the main story.

It’s either that, or the system is using a very narrow definition of “legendary”…

Edit: The range on my friends list goes from 0 to 192, so someone obviously has it working!

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I imported my Level 69 Mordecai from the 360 version which had multiple orange and pearls but only played this character once to ensure it was imported ok.
I then created a new Lilith and played through the first playthrough 100% and now just killed Madmel on the second playthrough and found a good 15-20 legendaries during that time.

I don’t have many XB friends (haha) so it matters not, but seems like a bug to me or as you mentioned, a very narrow definition.

During my Lilith playthough I have not found any pearls but many dark and light orange guns!

I’ll see what my support ticket raises also.

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Just as an update, I found three legendary items - all regular ones - and my ‘Legendaries found’ total stayed stuck at two. My siren now has about 8 legendary items equipped or in backpack, but not one of them is one of the new gearbox legendaries. This character was imported at level 3 to the remaster. Not sure if the game is only counting the new legendaries, or if it simply ignores imported save files.

Edit: Finally found a Gearbox legendary in one of the chests after the Destroyer fight. Still stuck on 2 on that stats page though. IT IS BROKE AS HECK! Best theory right now is that it only works on brand new characters, not imported saves?

My XB stats for legendaries also show zero, though I’ve collected quite a few.

However, I’m kinda used to that stat being weird. My BL2 stat for Legendaries found is 42,868. Yeah, uh huh, I’ve found 42 thousand legendaries in Borderlands Two.
I play a lot, but not that much. I’ve owned the game for about 4 years, to get 42,000, if I played every single day, I’d have to find 28 legendaries per day. Which I ain’t.

So do not put too much faith in those stats.

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