Xb1 Battleborn Tourney August 13th!

No legendaries
Draft with 2 bans each.

Feel free to visit the reddit thread for more info or I will answer any questions if I am able.

Reddit Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/4vtz85/tournament_m_league_battleborn_tournament_august/

@jythri would love to get some loot packs for participants if possible.

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hmmmm… Most of the people I play with left this game. Is it 4 characters removed pretty much?

Yeah it’s 2 bans each and with a draft there are no duplicates… so 4 characters banned off the bat and if team 1 picks someone team 2 can’t…I messaged reek, steveo and respectfate and them

Gonna try to promote the hell out of it and if we can’t make it happen probably will just give up lol. been trying to grow the comp scene for a while now

IDK if reek wants to be a sub anymore but ill talk to him, IDK what been going with that group honestly

Yeah me neither…Fate said he’d talk to them and let me know. If all the teams we know register it should be a good turn out. Without much support from GBX on the competitive side it’s frustrating. I can see why people are giving up.

4 teams registered so far!