[XB1] Character Ambra is Invisible!

I recorded 2 videos of the same game, in which Ambra is or becomes invisible. After my death in one video, she is invisible in the spectating seconds. The next video, she engages me and teammate Ambra in combat. Because she was invisible, i ran. She did not become visible again until i was able to kill her by attacking the DOT damage numbers coming off her incorporeal form.

Gamertag; WereBunnyKungFu

side note: i also have videos of falling off the map… is that supposed to be possible? If so… new Goal!

I fell off the map in the second story mission where you have to cross the bridge and take out the crystals in the towers either side - jumped down from one tower but missed the staircase below. Later, in the ruin just before the final boss fight area, I missed a jump and fell through the whole in the middle. First time was solo, so it was drop and respawn. Second time was co-op, so it was insta-reposition in “Revive Me!” pose right on the edge of the drop.

Well, I figured falling off the map in the Campaign was a thing (I did that also). And I guess since I haven’t played any other versus maps yet, pushing someone off a ledge might be legit. It could be that falling off is intentionally there and i just wasn’t expecting it. But it was weird and surprising to have Thrall mercenaries wreck me like that.