(XB1) Command Loading Bug (After Update)

There’s a bug when entering the Command Screen. Whenever I try to enter it, it would say, “Loading Data” as usual, but it wouldn’t load anything, and I would simply be stuck in that screen, unable to leave it. Have I tried waiting? Yes. I’ve waited a total 30 minutes before I decided to restart Battleborn. There was a 50/50 chance it would work correctly after that.


Are you in the XB preview? Saw a post about this earlier this morning - hang on…

Yeah, sadly.

Here you go:

Looks from post #3 that it is a bug that cropped up for preview folks with the update, and the devs are working on it.

@Jythri, can you confirm that this may be the case?

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Oh yeah, and apparently it’s not just the command screen that isn’t loading, it’s also the Match History. When I try to load a recent match’s results, it wouldn’t load, but unlike the Command Screen, I’m able to back out.

Same issue for me and I am in preview program as well on Xbox one. I put in a trouble ticket with 2k games as well. Very annoying bug

No news I’m guessing??

Been getting the same bug where going through the command hub I will just get a the blue background and bottom right corner “Loading Data” but never completes.

Also occurrs during matchmaking and only corrects after the map has been voted for but was unable to take part in the vote.

I am also in the preview program, any advice from support/devs would be welcomed, having to quite the game to restart to clear bug is annoying and also troublesome when trying to work on gear loadouts.


Edit: Has this issue even been acknowledged by devs as no replies in this thread suggest it has and its gamebreaking, having to hard reset the game each time or waiting for a character select menu to clear it stops you from looking at new items/gear management between games

I’m not in the preview program,but this glitch has been effecting me for a few days now. It is very frustrating.

Not sure what the issue is then. However, I’m sitting here watching an XB1 update (~1 GB) downloading. Maybe grab that update then restart and see if the problem persists? If it does, support ticket info is here:


Edit: Well, that sucks. After the XBox system update, my game is now doing the same thing. Just tried a quick restart. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try a full reset (disconnect power). And if that doesn’t work, I’ll follow my own advice and file a support ticket.

Edit 2: Hard reset seems to have fixed it? Lost a PvE match but command accessible

Edit 3: And now it’s bugged again: won the next PvE match and it’s hanging on “Loading data”

Still bugged for me after hard reset.

For me at least, I can open my command but not after a match. It seems to happen after the completion of a game more often then not. Hopefully we get a fix soon. It’s a major inconvenience

Sane to me. Never happens when I start battleborn but it always happens after a match.


I’m not in the preview program and this loading data happens more often than not. If I started matchmaking then I still join the game, but I don’t get to vote because of it. If I’m not in matchmaking then I have to completely quit out and reload. Very frusturating.

I saw somewhere that they were working on a patch that should be out by the weekend, but the weekend eneded already…

Gearbox needs to fix this. Having to shut down the game and reload after every match is freaking obnoxious.

You could always go a couple of matches before hitting the command menu. And quitting/restarting the game avoids the hang. I know we’d all rather have a fix, but it may not be that simple, and I’d rather have a solid fix a bit later than a dodgy fix now that might cause something else to break.

An easy fix I’ve found to this is exiting to the menu screen. The whole (press A to start) screen. Doesn’t bug out on me then. Still an issue that needs to get fixed. Hope that helps y’all:)

Doesn’t work. Anytime I play a game just puts me in loading screen purgatory. Havent been able to access Command once yet after any amount of matches.

My point was more to play a bunch of matches without hitting command, then back out of the game (or just out to the main splash screen) and come back in again before going to Command. Not ideal, but that should avoid the hang for now.