XB1 constant disconnect

Starting yesterday, my matches/party disconnect constantly, then kicks me off xbox live and I have to reset my router/modem each time - it only happens with this game, and it just started yesterday afternoon.

NAT is definitely set OPEN - first Battleborn disconnects, then it kicks me from Party Chat on XB1 - then Live crashes out - has not happened ever playing any other game - and I’ve played Division & Halo 5 online today without any issue - then back to Battleborn and as soon as I try to play in a party /disconnect and everything locks up.


I’ve seen someone having similar problems, and they posted that a hard reset of the XB1 seemed to fix the issue (not the modem/router). It’s possible that there’s a memory leak or something in the game’s net code?

Try unplugging the power brick for 30 seconds after you’ve powered down the Xbox.