[XB1] Controller Button Consistency:

How about some consistency with the controls and buttons in this game?

When in your inventory you press the A button to compare items, but when in the vending machines pressing A buys the item. While in vending you have to press X to compare instead. Who had the bad idea to change the compare button in different situations? So many times early game, when I didn’t have the cash to spare, this issue got me at the vending machines and left me very angry and broke.

Today I was checking my mail to see what I won from the Echo Cast. I was looking at the gold gun The Duc, but since the font is still too small in the game I tried to press the right stick down so I could see the details of the gun. Well, any other time the right stick shows the details, but when checking mail it declines the mail, so now that nice golden gun is gone. You could at least ask if I’m sure I want to trash the email or have an option to go into my deleted items to retrieve it. Can you possibly create a recycle bin for the in game mail system?

Thank you

Never thought of it as pressing A to compare. Always thought I was pressing A to select the item to potentially equip, and occasionally using that equipment selection for comparison purposes.