[XB1] Custom Controls Affect Gear Activation Too

(Nos37) #1

During the beta I had swapped my Quick Melee (B) with Ping Location (Right Thumbstick). It helped me be more effective with my melee strikes as it allowed me to turn and punch without having to take my thumb off of the thumbstick. However, this also affected the Gear Activation GUI as well. I had to push (Right Thumbstick) instead of (B) to activate the gear in the third slot.

Not sure how it works for PS4 or PC, but if Gear Activation on PC was [1], [2], [3] by default and then became [1], [2], [C] instead it would be… weird.

This wasn’t a big inconvenience, but it felt inconvenient. I wanted to bring this to your attention in case this was not intended. Others can feel free to say whether they think custom controls should affect the Gear GUI too or not.

(badguy5 on YouTube) #2

I had the same behavior on PS4 (exact same swap, even, lol!)

When the game launches, I’m going to try making the touchpad the mark button instead of circle, though… not sure.

PS thanks for customizable controls, gbx!