XB1 Elite controller problem

I’ve been having trouble recently with my controller in that there seems to have a bit of a dead zone when I use it even after I turned the dead zone in it’s settings to zero. For a while now I thought I was just getting worse but when I switched to a normal controller everything was fine again. I would just use that but I’ve gotten used to using those paddles in Siege. I’ve had it for two years so I guess its past warranty, plus I’ve opened it up twice already for different problems. Anyone know a fix for this type of issue with the things or a board/site to go to for some answers?

I’d see if it’s covered on the iFixit site - I know they had one for the regular 360 controllers when I was looking into it some (!) years back.

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There is one but it seems like I’d have to do a bunch of soldering to fix it and I haven’t done that in years, and never on anything that small. I found a site called videogame911 that fixes stuff so I’m gonna see how much they would want to do it.

*So I got a buddy that works at a local game store who fixes stuff and he said he can do it. I just need to buy the new modules first. Anyone know a good replacement module to get? I don’t think getting the stock ones is smart since they are known to go bad.