XB1 KBM Support

Has anyone heard if Gearbox will be rolling this out at release? The console supports kbm, but it is up to the developers to put it in the game. I have not read anything stating that they would, but I also haven’t been reading too much on the game anyway.

It’s not listed amongst the features shown on the relevant store/info pages, so I would suspect not at this stage. I imagine that if there were sufficient requests it would be considered at least - Gearbox do take note of these things.

As a PC player…that would be an amazing feature.

Just Saying Gearbox

i think through full honesty that if that were the case they could might as well make support to the X-Box play-anywhere feature, allowing players to play together with their friends on X-Box from their PC trough the microsoft store, which i would fully respect and highly request, as cross-play of any kind would greatly improve the player interactions with each other and to some extent you might as well do so while you’re at it if you were to add KBM support the system…

I know for a fact that the dev team have mentioned about exploring Cross-play post launch and i think it would be very reasonable to believe that if KBM support were to be added, it would be with the addition of Cross-play, especially since you are at that point basically playing the game on a pre-built PC.

To me i hope that both features will be added in the future, because i would just find it a very big hassle to just plug a KBM system back and fourth between two systems when you could have been playing the game right away with that setup trough X-box play anywhere feature.