XB1 Keyboard and Mouse Support

I haven’t found a similar topic on the board, so here goes. Please. Please. Please. For all that is good in this world, add support for K&M to Borderlands 3 for Xbox One. You’ve already shown that it’s possible to bring 60 FPS to consoles, please consider giving us console plebs who enjoy using a keyboard and mouse but also like our Xbox’s the ability to do both simultaneously.

But in all seriousness, this is the perfect game to adapt multiple control schemes for, since its co-op. I would love to be able to play with my favorite setup on my Xbox. I daresay I’m not alone. We believe in you :slight_smile:


If they did this, I would buy a PS4. Isn’t there some adapter that allows this (just without support for additional buttons like a drop weapon key)?

I know XB1 is supposed to support keyboard and mouse, but I’m not sure that is across the board, or the developers need to compliment it in order to use it.

I made a account just support your statement. My life would be absolute and complete if this dream would be true. Please gearbox do this for us!!!


I truly hope they will support K&M for xbox. If they do then I will pre-order now because my friends play on xbox, but I loath FPS on consoles. If its only K&M on PC and none of my friends are going to play it on PC, then I may not be playing this at all, which is a shame because BL2 was awesome. Hope they get this done.

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Adaptors do exist to do this already, some place in the range of $50 on amazon. But having native support would be much easier and free

EDIT: Click for an example (amazon link)


It’s certainly possible, since MS have said that developers simply have to enable it for their games - support is now built in to the OS, which means that adaptors to fake KBM inputs as controller ones would not be necessary.

Yes, please. Add this support. A lot of people i know would like to have a mouse and keyboard support in borderlands 3. Do this please, I beg you


Unfortunately there is no mouse/keyboard support yet for Borderlands 3 on Xbox One. My gut feeling is that they didn’t add this because it would affect sales of the PC version. Hopefully they will add this feature, once the initial sales period has passed.


I also made an account just to voice my support for this idea. I do not have a top notch computer, but I love using k/m and would love to be able to play this amazing game with the peripherals of my choice.

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Come on Gearbox, how many nerds on the internet need to ask for k&m compatibility. Just give us what we want… Pleaseeee


Yes pls, playing with controller Feels very good but unfortunately Edwas is limited in terms of prezesion and fast pivoting. It would just be great to be able to play on console with mouse & keyboard!

There are already a few games that support keyboard and mouse for Xbox One I personally would rather use a keyboard and mouse for FPS then a controller I just like the feel of keyboard mouse better than a controller lot easier button mapping and hotkeys and variety more so and you can get those small movements a lot easier with a mouse to get those nice crit headshots

I would love to Have a K&M support for BL3 on my Xbox One i would out right buy it full price deluxe edition :smiley: . I`m still hesitating to buy it even after free play day on consoles now game is amazing just with controller my aim even with aim assist is so bad that when ever i want to aim my thumb stick tilts and i spin off shooting in floor , wall , sky or claptrap :smiley: SO GO ON GUYS GET IT GOING !

K&M please!!!

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microsoft wants mouse and keyboard across the board but its still up to the devs/publishers

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Keyboard and mouse support please! Like, seriously.