[XB1 ]Looking for a casual group of players to play advanced/PvP with trying to get achievements

Hey me and a friend were interested getting a group of players to play semi-regularly mostly on the weekends. If your interested message acamn on xbox live. Probably playing as a group on Saturdays and Sundays after 10pm (Mountain standard).

GT: Rigonn. Casual player looking for the same, at work most of the time so schedule is a bit tight but once im on, im on. Can play any roles, love tanking though.

Added you both its me and 2 friends although we aint always on together but we should always be able to get a group

GT Paul Rubens. Yea I’m tryin to do the same.

Gt: Nite Nite zzzz

GT is A Purple Banana I’m down to play whenever I’m not working. Pretty good with Marquis/Mellka but I’m down to learn new characters too