[XB1] Looking to start a co-op run

Note: Handsome Bundle version, not backwards-compatible 360 version.

Usual rules apply: stick with each other, don’t play alone, use a mic, and don’t be a dick.

I don’t think I’ve played any DLC, despite having hundreds of hours across a couple gamertags, so I’m very interested in that. Ideally, we’d burn through the main story and do the DLC on True Vault Hunter (I think that’s a thing you can do), because normal difficulty is a snoozefest.

I have one of those mumbly, lazy voices that sounds like I’m stoned and/or stupid. I’m also super sarcastic, but usually not to the extent of being mean. Fair warning.

I’ll want to be putting in a lot of time, so if you only get to play every once in a while, we’re probably not a good match.


The Handsome Collection games and backwards compatible versions? No, they can’t connect. Assuming you’re playing the compatible version though, you should be good to connect with any 360 platers.

Edit: BTW @Sinjai , got you moved in to the correct section for Handsome Collection XB1. If you add in which mode/play-through you’re on (NVHM, UVHM, OP levels, …) and your time zone, it would help find better matched co-op partners.


Hit me up if when you have the chance. I would entertain co-oping the DLC’s. currently starting a new Kreig with another community member reaching out much like yourself.

my GT = Kurtdawg13
I have a mic and I’m not a dick(depends who you talk to). :wink:

edit: @devinstocks and I are moving through the first playthrough. He’s rolling with Zero(Correction: Maya) :wink: and I am starting a new Krieg. Today would be a good time to join. I should be online by 4pm PDT.


Definitely not a dick. Always a pleasure when we manage to connect on some time on Pandora.

Incidentally, I was looking through my gear backlog and I have quite a bit of spare stuff from level 15-30 or so, so you, @Sinjai and @devinstocks are more than welcome to grab that. If I see you on tonight before I go turn back into a pumpkin, I’ll send you a message.


Awe thanks VH! :blush:

Awesome, I love “hand me downs” in Borderlands. :smile:


Totally in guys. Always up for a new play-through. I wont be able to get on tonight. But I’ll be on tomorrow night till late.
@Kurtdawg13 and I have pretty much the same play schedule so that should work out.


Actually playing Maya…not that it really matters, but if it sways your character choice or not thought you should know.


my bad. it was your buddy that joined us that was Zero. sorry… lol :man_facepalming:t2:

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All good dude. I was playing with a sniper though so that confuses things.

I’ll be on around 5 tomorrow night if you guys want to get the play through going. We can catch @Sinjai up really quick. We aren’t very far into the game yet. Or I can even just make a new character if need be. (Can never have to many characters)


I completely agree.

@BTK420247 is a great co-op partner. not sure what his schedule is like, but it be cool if we had a full party rolling through Pandora. :wink:

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I might be able to manage 5:30 - 7pm during the week and a good chunk of weekends


Sweet! Getting the band back together! haha
Those are good hours for me too.
It’s been a while since I’ve played with a full squad.

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Sorry that I had a crazy busy weekend. I wasn’t on much at all other than early morning Saturday when @VaultHunter101 was kind enough to farm eridium for me. I was careful not to be in his game when he killed the warrior so I didn’t level while getting the Eridium. I did however, level myself a bit while farming a low level infinity:


I forgot that @BTK420247 had jumped in and we knocked out the Assassinate the Assassins mission since it was low level and we were killing time hoping the rest of the gang would jump online. :blush:

Finally get a Chubby and I get a blue Burny?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Anyone going to be on tonight?
I should be on by 6pm (PST).

Hit me up on gt-TooRippedtoTrip. I have an OP8 Gunzerker, OP5 Gunzerker, OP 2 Siren, and an OP1 Commando. Gaige coming soon.

Add me NinjaMayne23