XB1 mule accounts?

On the 360 I could create a second profile and play split screen with it to create mule characters to store all my loot. But on the XB1 it doesn’t seem like you can do that without creating a whole new MS account. Is there a way around this to make mule characters or do I gotta go through that whole profile process to do it?

I don’t know but if you need to transfer gear sometime. Send me a message. I am still playing my original copy of Borderlands. Gamertag is still MR CauSe iM GoD.

Appreciate it but I’m playing the remastered edition.

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Wait, doesn’t the game share the Moxie bank and all it’s loot with all 4 profile chars?

Nope. The bank is per save, and the stash didn’t come in until BL2.

That’s bad. I wish it was like in BL2

Its the XB1 not the game itself

If you do ever want to try a mass transfer, give me a shout - I have the remaster on XB1.

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