XB1 price and PS4 price...?

Okay, I had no idea where to ask this… So I hope this is the right place, because I’ve kinda ran into a problem.

So Iive in The Netherlands and I have no idea if this has to do with anything… First of all, this is not some kinda of console war thread, just a little problem I am having.

So I went to the XB1 store to pre-order the Digital Deluxe edition and saw it was 125$. So I thought it would include taxes or something? Well, it got me pretty pissed off because I thought it was cheaper.

So I turn on my (dad’s) PS4 and go to the store there. It said 85 Euros. Which is quite a lot cheaper. T_T

Now I just went to the microsoft store through this link: https://battleborn.com/en/news/view/en-battleborn-digital-deluxe-edition-season-pass/
And it was $74.99, but it took me to the US store so that doesn’t really mean anything.

But when I try to buy Battleborn through the Dutch XB store(Online, on my laptop) and search for Battleborn, it keeps sending me to the US store.

I really want to pre-order this game on Xbox, but I honestly don’t get why it is more expensive on the Xbox? O.o Maybe I am doing something wrong, and if I am, please help me out. ^^’

As far as I red in the forums the PS4 version is indeed cheaper, I don´t know why. It made me kinda regret my XBone puchase, seeing how many here will play on PS4 even more…

I don´t think you did something wrong though, I live in Germany and was directed to the US-store as well, though I did´nt bought it there. (Pre-ordered the non-digital version from Austria)

That is weird, because that link I posted earlier, which I am going to post again, it say the price is $74.99 USD. It doesn’t say what version or anything, just that price. I don’t mind paying quite some money for this game, it’s a great game. However, I do not like being told a price which is not right.

''Battleborn Digital Deluxe Edition is now available for pre-order on PS4, PC, and Xbox One!

Price: $74.99 USD

PlayStation 4: PlayStation Network

PC: Steam

Xbox One: Microsoft Store ‘’

That is exactly what it says. And if the XB1 version actually is more expensive, I regret canceling my pre-order. Because buying the game and season pass seperately would be like 20 euros cheaper. O.o

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It said something similar for me to, until I signed in to my account. There’s a button on the web page that says “Show me my proce” (or something like it): try that and see what you get, as it should switch to local currency.

When I am logged in, it just shows the dollar price and I can’t pre-order it because I have to choose a state/province.

There are several different versions of Battleborn being sold.
Lets see if I can remember a few,

  1. Battleborn vilina it comes with nothing.

  2. Battleborn with action figure.

  3. Battleborn Digetal download standard edition

  4. Battleborn collecters edition

  5. Battleborn Deluex Edition comes with Season pass and 5 DLCs

There probably different versions of Battleborn sold on different consoles.
My point is don’t feel riped off there probably diferent versions.

As far as I know this is the way it is:

Battleborn pre-order: The Battleborn game, including the golden character skins(if digital) and a figure(if physical).

Battleborn DIgital Deluxe pre-order: The Battleborn game, with 10 skins, 5 taunts, the Season Pass, golden Battleborn icon and theme(or something?)

Well, the on on Xbox and PS4 both game with the season pass and ‘digital bonuses’

Is there anyone who has an answer to this? I love physical copies and stuff, but I do want those skins and taunts. But I am not going to get the game for like 110 euros if I can get a physical copy with the season pass for about 80 euros.

What was ze problem? I was stupid. That’s all I can tell.