Xb1 Private Match Spectator Mode!

Thought people would dig this…We usually post them all on Reddit, but wanted to post here as well.

Nothing official we just get friends together and mix teams…Usually really fun matches.

We play with 2 bans, no legendaries, and a draft…Think the bans this game were Ambra, Ben, Kleese, and (Edit:) Ghalt

Edit: If anyone wants to get in on this or wants to scrim, etc. MSG me on Xb1 or twitch. Just trying to grow the xb1 competitive community.

GT is Mlgx420yoloswag

Ghalt was banned instead of marquis. And yes, I’m still bitter about that.

lol gin didn’t want the hook.

prolly still went neg anyway

He was Miko. Had 150k healing. Not sure on his k/d though.

holding L2 is a tough job. i withdraw my insult