[XB1] Strange collision bug in 'Incursion'

During game of ‘Incursion’ I had just hired the mercenary camp closet to our base and as the Thrall was trailing behind me we left his room a group of enemy minions engaged us. I was between the minions and the Thrall. The Thrall rushed the minions and struck me along with them. Next thing I know I am on one of the top most leaves of one of the landscape’s trees ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP, relatively close to the enemy teams second sentry. Again, I was launched via an allied Thrall’s charge near out first sentry into the top most leaves of one of the tallest trees a stones throw from their second/final sentry.

whoa sounds nice for my plans to destroy sentries :smiley: any screenshots by chance?

Unfortunately no :frowning: Once it happened my first thought was to record it, but I am relatively new to the XB1 and I don’t know how to record game footage. So all you have is my testimony. Sorry