[XB1] Stuck during the Algorithm

Hey Gearbox and other fans!

We had an issue during The Algorithm. Right after the boss at the ice drill, the game refused to progress. We had 5 players on Xbox One (it was myself and 4 randoms). I see this also happened on the PS4 due to other topics that I can see.

Just here to say same issue happened with me but on the PC version.

  • Full party.
  • boss defeated.
  • game refusing to allow us to progress.
  • the user interface still tell me to defeat Galactic Emperor even though the boss is dead.
  • drill still spinning away at the ice wall and not moving away from it.
  • and can’t escape or glitch our way outta the boss area, forcing everyone to “quit” the match.

I was gonna make my own thread about it. But I decided not to since this thread already existed. Hope you don’t mind.

Friend and I just did this on PS4, so for what its worth:
Everybody but one person leave and rejoin (should spawn at the respawn in the previous room).
Last person leaves and rejoins.
Jump off the ledge and use up all revives.
No more revives = mission fail screen.
This way you can at the very least get the credits/xp you earned to that point.