XB1 tourney tryouts

I’m sure there will be tournaments for this game so if I don’t get my friends to join me, this is for anyone to try out for my team. add me on xbox at xDrunkenDonutz and I’ll play a few games with you, if you don’t pull my interests you don’t make the cut. My main character will be oscar mike. Hope some good peeps add me! Can’t wait to play this game:)

GT: NMBR1D3M0NChyld. I usually main support, but make a mean Shayne and Aurox or Orendi if needed

I’m also looking for good high lvl players to play with I main Mellka and attikus

GT: US1 x money

Ps I also have a buddy I play with he is just as good maybe even better

Same im looking to form a team…Gt RBD Reezzzeen