[XB1] Trapped behind ledge in The Algorithm

During the Algorithm story mission in the boss fight against the galactic emperor, they knocked me behind a ledge where I cannot jump out from. (Playing as Montana).

My co-op partner attempted to continue the mission without me but could not proceed past a 2 person switch.

Please either add a solution to getting stuck, or remove any ledges in this fight that a character could get knocked behind.

Same thing happened to my friend and I while playing. Montana got knocked back behind the “bridge” you can run up and couldn’t jump out. I was able to jump out using Miko (much smaller character) as I could get up higher on the ramp but Montana’s massive side prevented him from getting up higher on the ramp (his model collided with the angled wall).

Tried LumberJack dashing but to no avail. Since the dash only propels you horizontally (not vertically) we found it wasn’t possible to jump high enough (see reasons above) to dash back onto the bridge.