xb1 vertical split off center

So when playing slit screen vertical the hud gets pushed off center. Meaning my bullets hit in the center of the screen but the actual scope a shot are off to the left. It’s a more noticeable difference on the left players side. Makes it impossible to play from this view.

So also… I’ve noticed that changing to boundaries to match the edges of my TV only makes the hud placement worse. Playing in horizontal also offsets the hud top to bottom but does not mess with the scope placement the way vertical split does.

So this issue only affects tps and not bl2.

I could have sworn I saw that issue listed as one of the things fixed by the day one patch.

It says that the issue was only fixed for bl2. Guess tps didn’t receive the same love? It’s pretty game breaking honestly hope they get on that.

My wife and I just started playing TPS with the handsome collection on the Xbox One and we noticed the issue too and it is completely fine in borderlands 2. It’s really zoomed in and can barely see the gun, movement is super quick when zoomed in and the worst part is most weapons is off center so we have to shoot things about an inch away from the reticle to make a hit. My wife simply does not like Horizontal because it has a “smushed in feeling” and I tend to agree with wide screen TVs so vertical has always been the way to go. Gearbox, please my wife happy and fix this in The Pre Sequel for Xbox One.

Sorry to hear that. Good to know the issue isn’t isolated Atleast. here’s to hoping for a fix Soon!

Cheers buddy!

Hi guys- sorry to hear about this! In passing on to the team immediately so they can investigate. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for looking into it for us!

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As of this date I am also experiencing this same issue on PS4. TPS vertical co-op makes the reticle show up left of where the shot actually lands. On True Vault Hunter Mode now and testing the reticle precision on the walls in Concordia. Reticle is far left of shots on various guns while playing on the left screen. The 2nd player reticle doesn’t seem to be phased. I have also tried changing the HUD boundaries and have seen no difference.

Any word on a fix soon? I love to crit with snipes…

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No concrete date for the next update, but we’re looking to move into the late phases of the process very soon.