Xb360 bl2 to xbox one bl2

Hello I’m having an issue with my BL2 ome xbox one. I have a xb360 copy and all dlc on my 360, but for some reason I dont have access to all my characters because of not have access to any DLC also

Moved you to the right spot. So you have the backwards compatible version of BL2 installed on your XB1? Is this from using an original game disk to trigger the install, or a digital purchase from the XBox store?

An original game disc I have all the DLC except the headhunter missions on my 360

If you had bought the DLCs on 360, you should have them available to you in the b/c version as well, but sometimes it seem to take a few console restarts to get the licence to register properly. I’d give the power reset thing a go, and maybe go into either the XBox store or the in-game downloadable content menu just to make sure they are showing up correctly as purchased. If you can’t get the system to recognise your content, the support desk may be able to help.

Could using a game of the year edition disc have anything to do with it. I believe I used a friends copy of the dlc disx to do the download the more I think about it

It might? I bought the HC one of the times it came up on sale, so I’ve never tried using the BL2 b/c version. It’s totally possible that using a vanilla game disk on the XB1 as your licence is preventing you accessing the DLC. If you can find a used BL2 GOTY somewhere cheap, it would be worth a shot.

Well that’s unfortunate thanks for the help though