[XbOne] Needing Some people to play with

No one is really online anymore and It sucks playing by yourself. Trying to get some people added that are on quite a lot to play with. Wanting to restart characters from scratch and just have some fun My Gamertag Is Devine Reality. So hit up me and let’s play.

Add me my gamer tag is : jon553
I get online usually everyday. Currently at lv 55 in the presequel. Got any characters around that level?

You can adde. I’m on a lot. CandiedHamm927


Add me, let’s have fun time goodness

level 57 on pre sequel

Alright well just add me and we can play later tonight. Gt: jon553

GT: Izzy2ez

TPS: lvl 50 / BL2: lvl 72, I’m on every day (usually)

You can add me GT spuddy31 level 40 commander I’m normally on at night.

On pretty much all the time. Gt: GoodOleScruffy

Could use some help myself and just people to play with in general. ScareComet1

You can add me Lone Star76

add me and my friends…

rico dread