(xbone) Who wants to just play for fun?

I can play either bl2 or tps. I’m bored of playing solo.

Add me: InvaderOfGlory

im down to play whwnever my gt is N0sto


done as well

thanks and i’ll add you back

is your Gt the same name on the forums right? just making sure

its giraffe323

Hi giraffe. Can you add me please? Slayerfan408 also a 51 gunzerker.

add me im an op 1 zero but i only play borderlands 2

ok im trying to get a grog could you help?

yea i can

My gt is golden gunn 56 willing to help people if I can

I’m down for playing some Pre-Sequel with anyone. Shoot me at a message at ClassyCorgi.

Add me: EpicHam117
I’m down to do whatever

Add me: MLCLOZER. I’m down to do whatever in BL2. I’ve got only level 72 and OP8 characters though.

About to jump on bl2
Any and all feel free to add me FunkJunkie666
I’ll shoot msgs so tags listed in here too