Xbox 1 devoid of players tonight

No matches popping and it’s Friday night.

I get the feeling I need to get in good with the devs so I can be a mediocre player doing my all on a secret server. Ya know one of the guys that loves the lore, art, gameplay and whatnot…

There’s free halo and gigantic stress test going on now, but yeah spotlight is slow. Speaking of spotlight, the extra credits seem very similar to double XP event rewards. Been about 5 minutes in queue, can’t find opposing team, will try casual and post results

Dunno if it’s related, but Twitch viewers are even lower than normal. Aside from the view bots anyways.

Had 0 issue in casual but long queue on competitive made me give up it and sent my team on a noob hunt :frowning:

Myself and a few others I know didn’t play it since the matchmaking system is now a headache, we wanted to try Halo’s firefight (it’s not very good), and we ended up mainly playing BF4, since that’s reliable fun.

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I had no trouble finding matches that friday night on my side. Competitive match ups seemed quick and fair. I wasn’t completely steamrolled by premade groups either. Though everyone seemed to really love playing Outback-Control where as I prefered Overgrowth-Incursion.

This Sunday I’ll be on but I’m getting my drink on today. 4th of July kinda a big deal.

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Still no one for normal PVE. It’s a friggin holiday weekend. Is my game broken?

Loading another game then reloading Battleborn seems to have fixed it FWIW.

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